Community Forge Island Playlist Submissions!

Hey everyone! If you didn't know about it already, this week's Halo Bulletin is up!

While the meat of this week's Bulletin is focused on the upcoming weapon balance update (which is quite exciting in and of itself), hidden further down in the post near some pretty pictures of Battle Rifles is a tasty little morsel for all you aspiring forgers out there: 343 is accepting map submissions for a Community Forge Island playlist that will go live on the 20th!
343 Industries said:
During the remainder of this week and over the weekend, the Matchmaking Systems Team will be working alongside the Community Cartographers to select the final candidates, which will be announced in next week’s Bulletin, along with the full details of the next Matchmaking Playlist Update.
For a shot at getting your awesome Forge Island maps into Matchmaking, make sure to check out the submission thread on the Waypoint forums, read the rules, and get posting!

Good luck!
Nice! I can't wait to see all the new Forge Island maps :y:
A little bit more information in the post would always be awesome though :D
I wish 343 would extend their hands out to the communities in search of maps. I personally have seen incredible maps that are posted at several websites that are overlooked because not many people know of the cartographers. And even with that said, having multiple sources for funneling maps would be better than one. Good post tho, hope to see more custom maps in matchmaking in the long run.
I asked if a moderator could post this as a separate entity after I read this in the bulletin to ensure awareness to this chance to get in matchmaking.

Details supplied on the matter were very sparse so there wasn't much more MockKnizzle could report here...

Unfortunately we haven't been given much of a heads-up as the cartographers will be searching for maps this weekend and testing them up until early next week.

prepare for the caps...
caps lock may be the cruise control for cool but it's far too mainstream for me, so I typed all that whilst holding down the shift key.... like a BAUSS
The weapon tuning update might actually make me play matchmaking again. Not to be rough with it, but it seriously needs a reform. Starting with weapons!
And the Results are in!!
Drum Roll Please
Big congratulations to our very own Flying Shoe ILR for getting his content into matchmaking!
Way to go pal! Make sure you all congratulate the good sir when you next see him online in the shoutbox or leave a message on his wall.
Also if you happen to know anyone else on this list... give them a pat on the back too ^_^
Our challenge now as a community is to play these maps to excess next week so that they can find a home in a more permanent playlist.
addy out
Congrats to everyone who made the cut! Specifically my XBL friends Shoe, Fated Fire and Wraith.

What's the player count for the playlist?