halo bulletin

  1. MockKnizzle

    Halo Bulletin 5-29-13

    What's this? A new Halo Bulletin? So it seems. There's lots of juicy info about the upcoming weapon tuning update in this one, which you can check out in full detail over on Halo Waypoint. For those of us who like nice bite-sized snippets, here's the highlights: Several members of the 343i...
  2. MockKnizzle

    Community Forge Island Playlist Submissions!

    Hey everyone! If you didn't know about it already, this week's Halo Bulletin is up! While the meat of this week's Bulletin is focused on the upcoming weapon balance update (which is quite exciting in and of itself), hidden further down in the post near some pretty pictures of Battle Rifles is...
  3. Vincent Torre

    Halo Bulletin 3-6-13

    BS Angel and Bravo bring us a new update Clicky In this weeks bulletin we get an interview with Greg Bear, apparently one of the Halo novel writers in charge of the Forerunner novels. Give it a read if that's your dig. BTB Objective, where art thou? This was a little further...