Jan 22, 2016
I figured I'd introduce myself really quickly and point you toward a few maps I'm working on...

I've been playing Halo for several years. I got my real start when Reach was released. I dove pretty deep into Reach's Forge and you may remember a few maps I made back in the day (Urban Caves, Temple of the Sun, Armada, etc.).

I'd like to push further into the HCS world, but I need to find a team to compete with. I'm absolutely loving Halo 5 and I hope the community grows larger as the HCS Season 3 Finals get closer.

Anyway, I hope you check out some of my new Halo 5 maps. I'll be posting many of them to ForgeHub. If you like mini-games and haven't tried Flag Hockey yet, I guarantee you'll love it! It's tons of fun. I've also got a new mini-game coming out soon called Tower Master... I need to do a few more tests on it first. If you're more into classic maps, then checkout Praesidium for Breakout/FFA. I'm constantly updating them map t improve gameplay, aesthetics, etc. Finally, if you'd like a quality warmup map, grab my Octagon map... it's absolutely gorgeous and has a working spawn system, which I am also updating to further match it to the classic Halo spawn systems.

Well... that's me, hit me up whenever you see me online. My gamertag is Rogue Artisan.


Round Objects™
Dec 23, 2012
Greater Seattle Area
A Reach kid? Ew...

In seriousness, though, welcome to HaloCustoms! I hope to see some of these maps you describe pop up in our database soon. I host testing lobbies fairly often, so feel free to join in on some of those. See you around!