1. Jesus in Malibu

    Spring Foward: April 2016 Recap

    Oh has the time certainly flown by this April, and so have all the happenings on HaloCustoms. Instead of posting a recap for each individual event, we're going to end the month of April on HaloCustoms with a bang! Join us on this text-based ride as we recap all of the main events and...
  2. Master Debaytes

    SvC Staff vs. Community #9 Recap

    Recap #9 (2/10/2014) So last Sunday, SvC made its triumphant return after an extended break that probably went on much longer than it should have... Anyway, despite such a long gap from this game to the last, it still felt one in the same (at least... for the staff team it did anyway...) ...
  3. Psychoduck

    Event HaloCustoms vs ForgeCafe Recap

    It is with a heavy heart that I recount to you the events of today's match-up between your friendly neighborhood HaloCustoms staff and the barbaric menace (just kidding!) that is the ForgeCafe staff team. After going undefeated through several events against the HaloCustoms community, Us staff...