1. M

    Introduction Hi I'm new here

    Add me or hmu so we can start some customs lobbies. I prefer the 'competitive' style maps.
  2. Madirate

    Data Lost [Aug 4, 2016] Steel's Thursday Night Throwdown - Halo 5

    This is the official thread for my bi-weekly Thursday Minigame lobbies. These lobbies will be held on Thursday at 7pm EST. Each two weeks, The minigames will vary depending on the player count of the event, Signups To sign up each two weeks, RSVP, and send me a message (STEELGREEN03) on Xbox...
  3. Elliot

    Event 50th BIOC Lobby

    Ever heard of Bloodthirst: Infection Only Customs? Yes? No? Derp? Well, if not, we're a custom games group providing Halo Customs with awesome Flood-only lobbies for you to join and have a great time playing and testing Flood maps. To date we have collectively hosted 49 lobbies. It has been a...
  4. Tedium

    Your worries are over, fellow Europeans!

    Heyyyy, Tedium here, your local American-Canadian-Bitishman. Most of you won't know what it's like to be a European. Most of you live in the good old USA, where you never have to think to yourself, "Am I willing to stay up until 4:00am playing custom games with my American friends?" Well if you...