halo 5 maps

  1. LustSinTaboo

    PILLAR OF AUTUMN 2017-09-07

    The Pillar of Autumn scientists tried to find a cure for the flood, but they faild and now the flood is taking over the Pillar of Autumn. Destroy the flood! Save the ship and THE WORLD! This is a remake of the first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved, campaign. *** Credits: Co-forge: Iggy Game...
  2. Spiderman0426

    Standard Frostbite Canyon

    This is a remake of Beaver creek, it took about 2 days to make. So far it only works with FFA & Team Slayer, though I am working on CTF. Now there are no animations for the power weapons on the map, nor is there a animation for the intro or outro, main reason why is because I don't exactly...
  3. Slothy82

    Water Polo

    In this Halo 5 Guardians Forge Sports Map, Masterchief is taking a dip in the pool. This is a Grifball type game with unlimited boost and real water effects. Halo Spartans can score points by swimming, throwing or bouncing the ball into the goal. Enjoy the effect of floating dead opponents and...
  4. ToaDrakua


    While scouting parts of the galaxy both known and unknown, the UNSC came across this lone Forerunner power station orbiting the blue giant Bellatrix in the Orion cluster. Initial scans of the derelict's exterior hull proved to spark interest amongst Grifball enthusiasts on board, as one of the...
  5. Y3S ITZ WES

    Map Preview Halo 5 "Glacier Peek" Preview

    Glacier Peek came from an idea to create a Hunger Games style map on the forge map Glacier. The map itself sports 49 spawn points, 100+ weapons (have yet to be placed), 2 warthogs, 2 mongooses, and 1 gungoose to move quickly around the map. The game modes for the map will consist of a Breakout...
  6. Y3S ITZ WES

    Map Preview Halo 5 "Flooded" Preview

    Welcome to "Flooded". Flooded is a placeholder name right now till I finish working on the map. The idea for Flooded came from first seeing the waterfall on Alpine and thinking "Wow, it'd be cool if a map was based around that..." , so came the ideas. I've had different variants of the map...
  7. P

    Hide and Seek House

    This map was a co-forge between me, Pancake847 and xXorcrisXx. This map is a representation of a UNSC mini-base and has some great spots to hide. There are some vents to climb through, pipes to climb on top of, and a balcony to hide on. There is an engine room with enough noise to make your...
  8. Dr Sammy D

    Seven Wing Tower

    I've made this map in other forges (H4 and H2A) But I think this is the best version yet. I'm looking for feedback. Video
  9. Y3S ITZ WES

    Halo Map design dealing with Spawn Killing?

    I know for starters I don't talk much on here, but I'd love to state something about the spawning and map designs of the arena maps (preferably the smaller style maps). It feels like every time I connect with players in Team Arena/Slayer/Swat that the map we play on (i.e. Pegasus), we spawn...
  10. Ace VP

    Master Ace VP's *HALO 5 MAPS*

    Welcome I am Master Ace VP... I am here to keep you up to date on all my HALO 5 Map Creations... MAP PORTFOLIO Description: This is where you will find photos of my older maps that I made on Far Cry games and Halo... So you can see some of my work from the past... Minecaft Builds Xbox 360...