halo 5 maps

  1. Y3S ITZ WES

    Map Preview Halo 5 "Glacier Peek" Preview

    Glacier Peek came from an idea to create a Hunger Games style map on the forge map Glacier. The map itself sports 49 spawn points, 100+ weapons (have yet to be placed), 2 warthogs, 2 mongooses, and 1 gungoose to move quickly around the map. The game modes for the map will consist of a Breakout...
  2. Y3S ITZ WES

    Map Preview Halo 5 "Flooded" Preview

    Welcome to "Flooded". Flooded is a placeholder name right now till I finish working on the map. The idea for Flooded came from first seeing the waterfall on Alpine and thinking "Wow, it'd be cool if a map was based around that..." , so came the ideas. I've had different variants of the map...
  3. Dr Sammy D

    Seven Wing Tower

    I've made this map in other forges (H4 and H2A) But I think this is the best version yet. I'm looking for feedback. Video
  4. Y3S ITZ WES

    Halo Map design dealing with Spawn Killing?

    I know for starters I don't talk much on here, but I'd love to state something about the spawning and map designs of the arena maps (preferably the smaller style maps). It feels like every time I connect with players in Team Arena/Slayer/Swat that the map we play on (i.e. Pegasus), we spawn...
  5. Ace VP

    Master Ace VP's *HALO 5 MAPS*

    Welcome I am Master Ace VP... I am here to keep you up to date on all my HALO 5 Map Creations... MAP PORTFOLIO Description: This is where you will find photos of my older maps that I made on Far Cry games and Halo... So you can see some of my work from the past... Minecaft Builds Xbox 360...