Map Preview Halo 5 "Flooded" Preview

Nov 7, 2015
Welcome to "Flooded". Flooded is a placeholder name right now till I finish working on the map. The idea for Flooded came from first seeing the waterfall on Alpine and thinking "Wow, it'd be cool if a map was based around that..." , so came the ideas. I've had different variants of the map through early forge sessions and finally got hooked on the latest design for the map. The intended game mode is a 6-12 team slayer putting Blue and Red team against each other.

The story behind the map is that the UNSC started mining for alien technology, but got interrupted by the melting of a glacier causing the newly formed waterfall flooding their progress. After drilling an escape drain for the water, the UNSC found the place scattered with broken trees and rocks blocking further mining. After being called off by Command, the UNSC has left the sight untouched; letting the wildlife return to the sector.

Likes: Skyward Shoe