Map Preview Halo 5 "Glacier Peek" Preview

Nov 7, 2015
Glacier Peek came from an idea to create a Hunger Games style map on the forge map Glacier. The map itself sports 49 spawn points, 100+ weapons (have yet to be placed), 2 warthogs, 2 mongooses, and 1 gungoose to move quickly around the map. The game modes for the map will consist of a Breakout (8 teams of 2) and 16 player FFA. When Infection/flood get released, a version of the map will become playable with the game mode. Games will take time to complete since the full map of Glacier (excluding the canyon/cave) was used to create it. The only issue of the map itself is the draw distant will despawn some trees when viewing the whole map. Besides competitive game modes, please feel free to use the map for Machinimas, but please state my friend (WarEagle236) and I (Y3S ITZ WES) as map creators if you do so.
Glacier Peek's Story

Glacier Peek takes you to the aftermath of an avalanche destroying a dig site of an alien spacecraft up in a mountain range. With a sea of snow and falling rocks blocking the path of UNSC soldiers and Civilian Contractors trying to flee the mountains peak, the helicopter pad is the only way off the mountain. With Winter storms bursting into the scene, Glacier Peek is bringing the large scale of maps to view.

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