1. Tedium

    12 Minutes of Destiny Gameplay

    Destiny E3 2013: 12 minute Gameplay "What does this have to do with Halo?" you may ask. "Get out." I respond. Here's the most recent and most in-depth demonstration of Destiny gameplay thus far. Be sure to stick it on 720p for that sweet, sweet next gen goodness. -
  2. Tedium

    Halo Game Teasers

    So at E3 they announced the newest Halo game coming out. Excited about the new teaser? If you haven't seen it out, check it out below. E3 2000, I mean. I know, I'm a joker. You probably wanted something newer than that. Well here you go. Halo 2. Good times, huh? That was in 2003. No...
  3. Vincent Torre

    Destiny Trailer

    Bungie has just released the first trailer clip for their upcoming game, Destiny. In this video we get a look into some of the lore behind the game, as well as a glimpse of how combat and vehicles might behave. Overall it’s definitely a promising start, and we’re due for some in game footage to...