H2A Rhubarb

Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Multi Flag CTF


It is my pleasure to present a map to you guys that is not Checkmate or Cryptic for the first time in a year. I wanted to make something simple that I could just play with a couple of friends as I continue to test many ridiculous concepts for an upcoming map. Rhubarb is a map with a layout that a small group of players can grasp very quickly.


This map is inspired by some of my favorite maps from Quake 3 Arena Arcade, particularly Arena of Death. I enjoy it for its basic geometry that provides a focused arena experience.


There is a Sniper Rifle with no spare clips but ammo for this weapon spawns every 60 seconds in the middle of the map. A Plasma Pistol is the only other key weapon on the map as it is a good counter to the Overshield. A Speed Boost is positioned on the opposite end of the map from the Sniper Rifle. All pickups are on a fairly quick respawn time to match the pace of the map.





The map is still in the early testing stages so any feedback will be appreciated as always. Spawning is far from perfect...
Sgt x Slaphead
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Arena of death.
Sgt x Slaphead
Sgt x Slaphead
Forgot what it was called, thanks. Added that to the post as it is very similar to AoD.
Very simple, elegant, and basic. Well done, Slap.
Sgt x Slaphead
Sgt x Slaphead
Thanks Soul.