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I tried my best to manage and maintain what was possible for both the script and features without too much compromises.

Jobs & Classes
You're new to the city with $25 in your pocket. That's not even enough to get food! So let's change that by doing jobs or becoming a class! Trucking and fishing are the 2 only jobs and have no level requirement. Classes however on the other hand do. Classes are much more different since they have beneficial advantages (and disadvantages) for yourself or other players. These classes range from being a police officer, medic, stripper, bartender, and a realtor. (And yes, you heard that right. Stripper)

Some of the illegal ones is being a thief and a kidnapper but we'll get to those two shortly...

Trucking and Fishing - For trucking, all you need to do is grab a forklift from the capture plate near spawn, drive into a crate, then load said crate to any of the 3 vans and stay there for a few seconds. Once the forklift vanishes, go inside the truck and look for "cargo delivery" points which AT LEAST MATCHES YOUR LEVEL! Cargo Delivery Level 1 pays $100, Level 2 pays $150, then finally Level 3 pays $800

Fishing requires a fishing pole that spawns a "core" upon buying one directly at the fishing area. Once you have the core, take it to one of the fishing spots. There's a total of 5. 4 on the jetty, 1 on a dinghy. Fishing gives you a random amount of cash every second or two. Sometimes your line will snap and you'll end up with nothing!

Real Estate - Sells properties to players and can only sell specific ones based on their level. These properties won't cost the real estate anything. (Their level progression makes up for what they'd potentially "paid" for it)

Police - Given a magnum + plasma pistol right off the bat when getting the job but can access more weapons (and shields) at the police station for free if they have a weapon license. Can also arrest players with the plasma pistol upon touching them with it in seconds and sends them to jail. Police officers can open those cells whenever they please to let those players out.

Medic - Simply heals shields for people whenever the medic is touching someone.

Bartender - Serves drinks as armor abilities to players. Bartenders will just need to touch a player, then the armor ability that they want to give to the player which won't charge the bartender. Though bartenders rely on stock and will need to contact truckers every now and then for stock.

Stripper - Entertainment role which was implemented for comedic purposes but simply makes money standing near the pole in the club.

Thief - Steals up to $250 from an individual upon touching them. Can be done multiple times. (Will need to keep returning to the job's capture plate to keep doing it repeatedly.)

Kidnapper - Can snatch players up and put them in a specific "sketchyvan" that's basically a Troop Hog/Transport Hog. The kidnapper will need to stand near the player for a second or two then run back to the vehicle. The kidnappee will then be in the vehicle for at least 60 seconds.

What can I buy?
There's a bunch of ways to spend your hard earned cash in the script you earn. Besides RP scenarios where money could be used or given, you can also expect to spend cash from the following:

Vehicles - There's at least 2 dealerships as well as other locations where vehicles can be bought. Prices for vehicles can range from $500 all the way to $30,000.

Property - Properties are sold through players who have the "Realtor" role. Depending on THAT player's role varies on what property is available to what you wanna buy. There's 2 small garages, 1 big garage, 3 normal-sized apartments that have views, 1 big high-end apartment with a huge balcony view, and a very high-end house on the hills with a beautiful view of the city. Businesses and the black market can also be sold as "property."

Weapons - Legal weapons in the city must be bought with a weapon license. Melee weapons are $1,000 while actual firearms or better can be found for $1,500 or higher. Illegal weapons are higher and cost more than legal weapons but are much more powerful. Typically the black market owner can either sell them individually or open their shop to allow purchase of illegal weapons.

Food/Shields - Food is used to refill your shields at 10% per $200. One of the food stations can be found at spawn. Shields give you max overshields but drains overtime and can be bought from the weapon shop for $1,500. Cops get it for free.

Businesses and the job center
The job center serves as a central hub for most classes and business stocks.

Levels - Can be bought at the job center for $500 per each level. Levels grant you unlocks that you can later perform or do in the mode as well as unlocks classes.

(Business system) - There's 2 whole businesses that's sellable to the player only through the realtor. One is a merged weapon/vehicles business while the other is an armor shop. Again, price is up to the realtor and the cash should be given accordingly when purchasing a business. Money that the business makes taken from purchases are split by 50% and put into "BizAccount."

BizStock - Checks your business stock.

Store robbery! - While stores can be robbed, stock will drain as well as money from it. If a player owns a business, they will quickly need to act to prevent their stock and money draining from their business. The armor shop typically hands out $1,080 (+ cash from the business' account) from the armor shop and $2,040 (+ cash from the business' account) from the big weapon shop.

Give cash (10,100,100) - Allows you to give cash to players by touching them after going into one of the "give cash" plates.

Withdraw - Simply a way to take cash out your bank account.

Deposit - Simply a way to store cash into your bank account.

BizAccount - Checks how much cash you've made thus far with your business. Will prompt you into withdrawing all of that cash after checking the balance.

Bank robbery - The bank can be robbed every 10 minutes or by every morning cycle. This robbery requires a "bank C4" which is found at the black market for $2,000. In return, robbing the bank can get you up to $12,000. (In total and not individually.)

Game over!
When dying, players will lose ALL of their money, their level will be knocked down, and their weapon license will be removed as well as suffer a heavy timer penalty of 4 minutes. (About 250 seconds)

This is to create a sense of fear or deterrent for death when players are met with it face to face. Be it gunfights or altercations. Players will have to be smart on how they play this mode to get ahead of their doom!

Avoid getting arrested as well from players with the police class! Why? Because you will lose all that stuff as well from being arrested. Except you'll be stuck in a cell with or without a buddy.

Time cycle, paychecks and Tolls!
Every 10 minutes a day goes by in this mode. There's 4 cycles that pop up every 2 minutes. Day, dusk, night, morning, then back to day. Paychecks happen whenever those cycles change and pay $5. If you have a class from the job center, the pay's $4,000 every 10 minutes or "morning" cycle.

Tolls are the only way to get back into the city and will cost you $10 to get through.

Level Guide!

- Level 0+ required for Trucking.
- Level 2+ required for Bartender and stripper.
- Level 3+ required for Medic class.
- Level 4+ required for Police class.
- Level 5+ required for Real Estate Agent.
- Level 8+ required for kidnapping and being a theif.

Real Estate/Realtor
- Small Garages at level 5
- Big Garage at level 6
- Apartments at level 8
- Big apartment at level 15
- Black market at level 20
- Hill house at level 30
- Armor shop business at level 8
- Weapon/Vehicle business at level 10

- Sprint at level 2
- Evade at level 3
- Hologram at level 5
- Active Camo at level 8
- Drop Shield at level 10

- Bar/Club route at level 1
- Armor shop route at level 2
- Weapon/Vehicles route at level 3

- Bank robberies at level 10.
- Store robberies at level 8.

Place the .bin from the "Gametype" folder into your (Your MCC)\haloreach\game_variants folder.

Place the .mvar from the "Map" folder into your (Your MCC)\haloreach\map_variants folder.
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