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So the May update is out and I absolutely love it. Yes there is the occasional bad lobby here and there, but for the most part customs are working beautifully for me. There is even one map I created a few months back, but haven't really been able to play due to MCC's flaws that finally works and that map is "Geronimo".

Map: Geronimo (forged on Awash)
Gametype: Geronimo (KoTH variant)
Recommended Player Count: 8-16

The map itself is just above the water on Awash. There is a border of cliffs and palm trees around a small 4x4 grid of 3x3 forge blocks. A large glass platform hangs in the air above the blocks with a square cut-out directly on top of each block.

Players on the attacking team spawn on the high platform and their objective is simple. All you need to do is pretend like your body's a bomb. Look down through the glass floor at the other team and choose the perfect time to drop down one of the holes. If you drop on a block that an opponent is standing on, they'll be blown to bits. Kill the other team to stop them from earning points. Each time you drop you will be teleported back up to the platform to try another attack.

Players on the defending team will spawn inside a KoTH hill on the 3x3 forge blocks. All you need to do is survive. Jump around the blocks without falling in the water or being dropped on. Look up watch the attacking team so as to not let them drop on your head. The longer your team survives, the more points you will earn in the hill (100 pts max). The way the triggers, explosion volumes, and teleporters work create the illusion that the attacking team members are actually exploding as they drop on you!

Here's a video from @Zandril showing you how the map works:

So there you have it! Please give this a try and let me know what you think. I have a new minigame in the works now and I'll be sure to post my older ones up here as well.

Cheers! :beer:

:heart: ChewyNutCluster
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