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Hello, HC!

It feels good to be back to posting maps on here again. Next up on the list is my only minigame on Nebula: "Simon".

Map name: Simon (forged on Nebula)

Gametype name: Simon (Infection variant)

Simon, as the name implies, is sort of a combination of the children's game, simon says, and the electric light game I had as a kid. The way this map works is one infected player (Simon) will spawn high on a platform and is able to choose to drop down one of 5 holes each in front of a different colored light. The other players spawn in the main area of the map which is completed made of forge blocks at various elevations.

There is a large wall with 5 different light boxes on it each of a different color (red, blue, green, yellow, and purple). When Simon chooses to drop down one of the holes, the colored light box on the wall that corresponds with the light by that drop-down will bright up. Simon will then be teleported to a spectator box to watch the fun.

Players need to pay attention to the light boxes on the wall. When a color brightens up, players must jump to the block of that same color as quickly as they can and stay there until the light dims or they will be teleported to their death.

As the game goes on, shield doors will spawn which make it more difficult to traverse the map. Players will also have less time to reach the blocks after the lights brighten on the wall to add difficulty.

Below are some pictures to help illustrate the concept as I know simply explaining this one in words can be a bit confusing...

The initial spawn camera which shows the "light wall":

Simon choosing which hole to drop down:

Let's say Simon chose red. Now, that color will light up on the wall:

The same color will also light up on the "play area" and players need to get to that block as quickly as they can:

Simon teleports to a spectator box to watch players rush to the correct color:

Shield doors spawn over time to add difficulty:

Players who can't make it to the chosen color in time teleport to their death:

Here are a couple tips for those playing this minigame:

Most players never choose purple since it is the easiest block to get to. The truth is, the players will almost never have trouble getting to purple, but it is, however the hardest color to get out of. Because of this, I usually continue to alternate between purple and another color to hopefully get players stuck in bottom mid just long enough.

Uninfected players, make sure you can always see the light wall so you know which color has been chosen. Another good tip is to leave the chosen color as soon as the light goes out to position yourself towards the middle of the map. This will help you make your way to the next color a bit more quickly.

So there you have it. Simon is in my fileshare now so try it out and let me know what you think. As always, all feedback will be greatly appreciated!

:beer: Cheers!

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