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Follow The Leader
Hello, HC!

I have been very busy forging, but for some reason have neglected to put any of my maps up on here. That changes today, however. I have decided to finally post all of my minigames up on Halo Customs starting with my newest. So now, I present to you: Follow The Leader!

Map name: Follow The Leader (forged on Skyward)

Gametype name: Follow The Leader (KotH variant)

Now, here's how this whole thing works. Follow The Leader is basically a memory game. One team will have to jump along the blocks in any pattern of their choosing to get to the hill, fall into the hill, and gain one point for each player on the team. As team 1 is doing this, team 2 will be riding around in a little "play area" on mongooses to keep themselves occupied.

Each block that team 1 has stepped on will have a green infection shield on top of it to mark it. Now when the hill moves (45 seconds) team 2 will spawn into the area with the blocks and will be able to see the route that team 1 took to get to the hill as represented by the green shields.

So what's the whole point here? As I said before, this is a memory game. Team 2 will only have a few seconds to memorize the path taken by team one as the green shields marking the blocks will despawn. Team 2 will now have to make their way to the hill without stepping on any block that team 1 has not touched.

I exhausted ALL BROADCAST CHANNELS to forge this map. The scripting is insane, but the object count is still quite low so, so far, lag has not been an issue.

Below I've included plenty of pictures to help illustrate the concept:

Initial spawn camera:

Team 1 jumping through towards the hill:

The KotH hill that must be jumped into to score a point for each player:

Team 2 waiting for team 1 to finish their run through:

The finished pattern (a very easy one for first time players):

Team 2 gets just a few seconds to memorize the pattern:

What happens if team 2 steps on a block that team 1 did not touch:

So, that's how it all works. Now some tips on this minigame: USE COMMUNICATION! Designate one player as the leader and follow him/her, touching only the blocks they touch. You don't want to run off in all directions or you'll make plenty of safe zones for the other team and they'll have no trouble getting through.

Teamwork will be key in remembering patterns like this:

This map can be played 1 v 1, but it can be very challenging for the player memorizing the pattern. . I think the best number for this is 3 v 3, but it will still play well with pretty much any number as long as all players cooperate.

I hope you guys enjoy the map! This is now up in my fileshare and I really hope you give it a try. Please let me know what you think. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Oh.....and no cheating and taking a picture of the pattern with your phone! :mad:

:beer: Cheers!

:heart: ChewyNutCluster
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Latest reviews

When I saw you'd properly released this I had to give it a go, after my mate was telling me about testing it. I have to say I was not disappointed. The scripting that went into this must have been annoying to set up, but the execution is superb. The gaps between the blocks means you never get confused as to where the next block in the pattern is, which means the game feels very fair. It quickly turns into a game of one team trying to outsmart the other, and in a 1v1 scenario it was very humourous as one player tried to outsmart the other.

Also the Mongoose skatepark is pretty cool too ;)
Thank you so much for the review! I'm really glad you enjoyed the map and believe me, that scripting was a pain!