Bounty in Bloodline

H2A Bounty in Bloodline

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Bloody Duel

Heavily inspired by Red Dead Redemption's "Gang Shootout" mode in online multiplayer, "Bounty in Bloodline" is a map created on :343:i's "Bloodline" to give players the experience of an old west shootout. Using old west inspired aesthetics such as wooden board walks, 2D-like buildings, and built-in aesthetics like the sun, dust particles, and the canyon surrounding the map to immerse players in this simple, yet unique mini-game.

In this first version of the map (perhaps final version), players spawn with the Infected Energy Sword. This is so when looking across to the other team, players can't pinpoint friends to kill them first as the distance from team to team is far enough to where the weapon reticle will not turn red, therefore not displaying any gamertags... that, and it looks cool.

27 seconds into the round (technically 17 as it takes 10 seconds to spawn in) a magnum will spawn above each players head. Each magnum only has 1 clip, to resemble the small amount of ammo revolvers could hold back then. Make every shot count... Except for maybe the last 2 shots. You can use those to shoot the "cowboy hats" (street cones) of the human aesthetics around the map. Each magnum only spawns once per round, and there is no other way of getting ammo. If one (or more) player(s) survive on each team without any ammunition (remaining in a stalemate, or "draw"), they will have to wait out the round (rounds last only 1 minute). This may change in a later version with Kill balls or something of that sort.

2 body shots to kill, 1 headshot. This will not affect gameplay much as you can shoot multiple times very quickly, but the goal of that is to change up those close rounds. Perhaps 2 people remain, one gets shot in the chest and before a second shot can leave the chamber, the opposing enemy puts one right in their head, resulting in a close match.

Players can not move or jump, to simulate the shootout experience (ie: Red Dead Redemption)

The map is played with the "Bloody Duel" gametype, which can be found in my File Share (along with the map).

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy. :)











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