Nacht Der Untoten

H3 Nacht Der Untoten

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Foundry (H3)
Supported Infection Gametypes
  1. Holdout Infection
Custom Gametype Name
CoD Zombies
“Defend the building from zombies of the German variety. 2-16 players. 1 or two initial zombies MAX.”

A re-imagination of the popular “Nat C Zombies” map from Halo 3 on Xbox 360 (also created by myself), including map exploit fixes, larger rooms, updated zombie traits (using custom powerups), WAY cleaner forging and a ton of smaller things.

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(See original Halo 3 map here:)
This map utilizes Halo 3’s unlimited budget glitch (where instead of having a budget of (in this case) 0, you have unlimited budget and can spawn up to 400 objects), and a ton of ghost merging (for those who never forged in Halo 3, “Ghost Merging” is what “Phasing” objects is now… Except you had to do a very tedious glitch to be able to do it… and there was no rotation snap :/)

Map Features
– Unique Zombie Entrances
Instead of being lazy and placing a pallet as a window and calling it a day, this map’s main feature that stood out from others was the mongoose windows. Zombies are able to drive Mongooses (only vehicle on the map), which are in “cages” to where they can’t drive anywhere. When they get out, they get pushed through a fence wall (1 fence wall per window) and into the building. Humans cannot drive vehicles, so escaping the building is not an option. The sound of the mongoose starting up alerts players as to what window they’re coming from, and also is an attempt to replicate a zombie noise… As close as it gets, really.

– Mystery Box

Before Halo 2 Anniversary, scripting wasn’t a thing. In Halo 3, there was absolutely nothing close to scripting. My weapon box was very unique at the time, and worked very well. There are two propane tanks which must blow up to drop the weapons. 2 propane tanks blowing up deals enough damage to destroy a grav lift (otherwise unshootable by players). The player(s) must shoot one propane tank to ignite it, which gives them time to move up to the mystery box to pick up a weapon. Once at the box, the first propane tank will have blown up by this point, causing the second one to ignite, which then destroys the grav lift and all weapons held up by the gralift drop, and the player holds their “pick up weapon” button and receives a random weapon.

– “Help Room” Door

This was the first thing placed on the map (in the original, as well as the MCC version). This works similar to the weapon box, but uses another little technique. The player shoots a propane tank (which spawns 60 seconds into the round), which blows up, destroys 2 fusion coils (that are behind the wall that the propane tank is placed), which then destroys a grav lift inside, spawning another grav lift which pushes a dumbster (the door) out of the way for players to then be able to enter the room. If the propane tank is never shot, the grav lift that opens the door will automatically spawn in 3 minutes into the round.

– Zombie Progression

Two (or one, depending on how many people are in the lobby and however many zombies the party leader chooses to spawn initially) zombies spawn outside of the map where they go through a sender node which they then teleport to a random receiver node (there are 6 of them), replicating the feel of Call of Duty’s zombies where zombies come from random windows. Later in the round, custom powerups spawn on each receiver. So when zombies teleport, they get a damage buff, as well as a shield buff to replicate zombies in Call of Duty getting stronger as the rounds progress. If you spawn in the map as a zombie (thus not having to go through a teleporter), you can pick up a custom powerup regardless (and there is one that is not placed on a receiver).

– One “Risk Reward” Door

This is a MCC addition. There is a door which holds a Flamethrower in a tiny room inside. There is an active camo acting as a “lock” for the door. If picked up, the door opens (using a man cannon that was pushing the dumpster door into the powerup), and all players have access to the Flamethrower. Doing this however, opens up a new access point for the zombies. If the door is left locked, that access points remains blocked. Zombies can unlock this door, adding a new element to gameplay where humans may want to protect the door.

– Touch Doors

Doors that only open when a player/zombie physically bumps into them. Can be used strategically as some doors can be left “closed”, and players can use said door(s) as a type of “Alarm”. If a door is left closed and opens, the player(s) now know a zombie (or two) are waiting at that specific door.

– Weapons on Wall

As said earlier, phasing wasn’t a thing in Halo 3. Weapons can not be ghost merged, so when I was 13, I thought of the next best thing. Putting weapons holders in walls, so when placing weapons to accompany them, they would brush up against the wall and act as if they were floating. Also put fancy lights (overshields) above them to grab player’s attention. Also they can hear the noise of them spawning if they’re not facing the weapon’s direction.

This map was insanely fun back in the day, and, in my opinion, still holds up 8 years later.


Hope you enjoy!

Map and Gamtype are on my File Share.

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