Q&A The One. The Only. The Pshycoduck.**

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You thought we forgot, didn't you? Ok fine, we forgot. Just don't let Dux know we forgot, he probably wouldn't appreciate that. Oh, hmm. I guess I shouldn't have tagged him. Oops! Err.. surprise?


Well now that that's out of the way, let's get to this Q&A shall we? I know you've all been foaming at the mouth for this day to come, the day you finally get to ask Psychoduck all your curious questions. Just no more than three! Any more than three and you're banned from all of the interwebs for all of eternity. Sorreh, them's the rules, I didn't make 'em.* Other than that though, have at it!

*On second thought, yes, I was totally the one who made that rule.
** :laugh:

Tedit: Just like last time, the srs bzns trophy will be reward for thoughtful questions.


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Hey fizkoduk!

1) What is your most memorable gaming experience? All games/platforms.
2) When did you first meet Darth Human and BevansLaw and how did this lead to you becoming part of THFE?
3) Do you worship our lord and savoir the Sexobot9000? Which is also known as "Geth Juggernaut".
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1. On the subject of DestinyRaids, 10/10 would staff again? (would you, if given the opportunity, be a staff on DestinyRaids?)
2. Is there a current plan for the future THFE (not to push a touchy subject, but I have been noticing a recent downward trend in uploads). If not, what will you do next?
3. Can we have a HC holiday where you or all the staff speak in Elcor-English? (I'd be willing to start a pole for it or some other holiday if the answer is yes). Also, on a possibly related note, what the crap is sexobot9000?
1. Who are Dax and Dux attacking?
2.Whan wull u guys starrt a quizk szcope no szcope tornomant?????
3. Did number 2 count as a question?
D:eek2: "Where does your name Psychoduck originate from? How'd you think of it?"
P:eek2: "I came up with the moniker "Psychoduck" in sixth grade when I got my first game platform (the original Xbox) and needed a cool name to play Star Wars Battlefront under. It has no relation to the Pokemon."
1) Can I still by used silverware from you guys? I'm kinda out of used silverware.
2) Where do you have your Ph.D. for Fizkology from?
3) I'm not 12 but I wanna meet XXProSnipesMLG420XX and become a MLF. Can you introduce me?
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Is Sunday the most inactive day on halo customs, and if yes or no, than what is the most active day.
1. If you had developer resources and the skills to use them, describe the BTB map you would create for an ideal Halo game. (Not Halo 4 clearly.)

2. If you could design an anti-vehicular weapon for said game also, what would it be called and how would it work? (Assume the rest of the weapons in the sandbox aren't broken. )

3. If there's not a Warthog in Destiny, can I stand on top of your Shrike with an LMG?
I. On a scale of 55.23 to e^55.23, how excited are you for BattlefrontIII?
III. Thoughts on the movie Frozen: Yay or nay?
IV. Do you prefer roman numerals for numbering things or regular ol' numbers?
1. can u plz promote halowatcher on thfe, phil?? thx 4 listenin
2. ur kdr and csr in team snipers??
3. Preferred BRs of choice in your order: H2 Battle Rifle, H3 Battle Rifle, or H4 Battle Rifle? Reasons why they're in this order, if any?
1. Do you remember the first map we played a 2vs2 on duck? (hint it was with redy93 back in Reach, one of the features on THFE)
2. Who is the The Psycho Duck? (Tell me something about you that would interest us that we didn't already know)
3. What was your first map/game-type and on what game "H2, H3..." . (link to thread if there is one.)
Already, question time!!!
1. Is there any other ducks out there?
5. Did you know I skipped questions 2, 3, and 4?
10000. Did you noticed that I skipped questions again?
1. What other animal would you be other than a duck?
2. can u feeture my minigame that friend made he want it on youtube and download link in my fileshare also, where's oakley?
3. What do you think is the most important thing to remember when making a 2v2 or 4v4 map?
1. In your opinion, what is the most important aspect/the most difficult problem to overcome when building a BTB map as opposed to a smaller map? (sightlines, vehicles paths, size, etc)
2. Which map of yours do you consider the most successful (besides Panic Attack), and why do you think so?
3. What is your opinion of the current state of the Halo community (lulz) and what do you feel needs to be changed the most?

P.S. Your gamertag is stupid.
1. Can I has food?
2. Can you feature more flood maps on your channel?
3. Can you give some more clothing for my cube?
1. You've seen the YouTube community over the past years that THFE has been active. What are your observations in the past + present, and expectations for the future?
2. What's your advice for Competitive forgers, looking to make the "next big thing"?
3. You'd best explain you're experience with... The Pancake.
"Several failed BTB concepts later, and I created Waffle Sauce (it was originally called Pancake Dressing, but then I had my traumatizing experience with a Pancake and changed the name).
1. Do you believe in real aliens and if so, will they arrive friendly or hostile?
2. What do you think of "3D printers" (In the future probably able to "print" meat(no factory farming anymore) and general food) ?
3. How long will it take before mankind sink into total chaos because of climate catastrophes, wars and lack of resources?
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