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With our orange ranks bolstered by the recent addition of some fresh meat (and a sergeant no less), we figured it was about time to ease your curiosity. That's right, it's time for another staff Q&A! These questions will be answered by Sgt x Slaphead in the coming weeks (depending on how many questions are asked, of course). As usual, there is a limit of three questions per person. The srs bzns trophy will be awarded to those of you who don't make a complete plonker of yourselves when asking questions. That'll about do it, enjoy the interrogation!
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  1. Care to explain the Slaphead in your name?
  2. Any future forges we can look forward to from you?
  3. Will you educate me in the art of British insults?
1. Why HC, why now, and how long were you here before you were promoted?
2. What's something most foreigners don't know about living in the UK?
3. U wot m8?
1. When is the appropriate time to use "plonker" in a conversation?
2. From any game, what is your proudest forge to date?
3. y did u steel staff frum me? i desserved that spot ;(
1. What was your game you played (being video game)
2. Do you intend on making maps other than slayer small team (CTF, BTB, Oddball)
3. Who or what influenced you to spat your head? (just random, but still curious)
1. What's your favourite forge block? (Any Game, Any Category)
2. Thoughts on Scottish independence? </3
3. Shaken, or Stirred?
  1. Can you beat Psychoduck in a 1v1?
  2. What kind of Plonker are you?
  3. Will you get the other Oranges to Revolt against the Apples?
1. Did you mean to slap your head, or did you want to palm your face?
2. Opinion on Irn Bru and Galaxie bars? (I was recently in the UK and I loved the stuff, but never asked anyone if they liked it)
3. Any forge plans that you are saving for Halo: MCC or Halo 5?
  1. How long have you been forging for?
  2. What's your favourite on-disc map and gametype to play at once?
  3. Do you lift?
1. If you could revive any historical figure, who would it be?
2. Rugby, Football,or Cricket?
3.If you could be reincarnated, what would you be?
1. What will you do with your new power?
2. Why isn't the gravity lift working?
3. If you could remove one sort of people (tryhards, 12 year olds, hackers, forgers, casuals, beavers, basically any kind of people who play Halo) from playing Halo. Which sort of people would it be?
Hey there, now I got a couple of questions if you don't mine :):

1.Where you excited when you heard that you were joining the Staff crew?
2.Which Halo game are you most likely be forging on in TMCC?
3.In speaking of TMCC, what do you think about the Gungoose?
1. How do you forge 3 v 3 maps without putting hogs on them? I tried once and I failed miserably, ended up with 4 hogs.

2. Give us your best silly walk.

3. What do you enjoy most about forging, what makes you keep wanting to make new maps?
  1. Care to explain the x in your name?
  2. How many years' experience have you had in being a sgt?
  3. What kind of heads do you prefer slapping? Bald and slappy, or hairy and gross?
1. Do you still believe in 343 Industries ?
2. What do you expect from the HMCC regarding the multiplayer and forge ?
3. What is your *most* favourite and enjoyable competitive map ever ?
1. What would you want in Halo 5's Multiplayer?
2. Will Destiny top Halo when it releases?
3. What's the craziest kill in Halo that you've ever seen or done?
1. What did it feel like when your member status changed to staff status?
2. What is your favourite non-FPS game?
3. If you could perform a single omnipotent action, but that action's inverse and opposite action also happens alongside it, (Example: If you give yourself an object, you lose an object of equal value) what action would you perform?
1. Have you ever considered making Flood maps, minigames, or racetracks? Practically anything other than competitive maps.
2. When the next SvC comes around, can you please not be on the staff side?
3. Where's all my underwear that I left in your house?
  1. The Halo community is an interesting animal. As someone recently placed in a position to be more involved in it than you may have previously been, what about the community or the franchise in general motivates you to contribute to it
  2. If there was one thing about Halo 4's matchmaking suite that you could change, what would it be and in what way would you change it?
  3. Could you guide us through your map building process from inception to completion? I'm interested to learn what your preferences are in how you go about finding inspiration, pre-planning, building, testing, etc.
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