Q&A Shoe's Q and Eh Answers

Alright, answer time!​

1. Who's the best forger: you, mock, or duck?

2. Is it ok for vegetarians to eat animal crackers?

3. Is non consensual sex with a prostitute rape or shoplifting?
1. I wouldn't say any of us are specifically better or worse forgers, we each just have different strengths. Though designing bases doesn't seem to be a strength any of us possess.
2. Only if they get consent.
3. Rape.

1. Red bull?
2. Converse?
3. In Life Real?

1. NOPE.
2. We are indeed conversing.
3. No, this is the internet.

1. Have you ever forged a competitive map for smaller player counts(1v1/2v2)?
2. Why do they call it after dark when it's really after light?
3. How do you feel about Mass Effect 3's ending?
1. A long time ago on a Halo far away I designed a 2 v 2 map with an optical illusion death put that looked like it was infinitely deep. It wasn't very good but it was fun and based on the Shadow Temple from TLOZ: Ocarina of Time.
2. Because carrots are good for your eyes.
3. I was fine with the ending. Pre-extended cut it was a bit frustrating, but overall I felt like my choices did have a big impact. The end is only one choice, when they show how the rest of your decision affect the universe it is all good.

1. Sup?
2. Will you start your own Tumblr page called 'Just Shobie Things'?
3. What map in Halo 4 do you feel the most proud of making?
1. per?
2. I've never been a Tumbler, though if I was I'd probably go to the Olympics.
3. I'd say I'm most proud of the entire Conversion project as a whole. Designing a game mode with duck and the maps around that mode was a huge challenge but it came out really well.

1. What kind of shoe?
2. Do you dream of a Warthog with more capabilities than the original 'hog?
3. Mad Libs: ___ (Vehicle) with ___ (Person) and ___ (Person) against a horde of ___ (Anything)
1. Provolone
2. I love the Halo 4 warthog. It's just about everything I want in a driver/ gunner style vehicle. The rocket hog is also great, a good way to mix things up.
3. Rocket powered Banana with Zaphod Beeblebrox and Gary Space against a horde of Zombie Goasts.

  1. It is rather clear that the "ILR" in Flying Shoe ILR stands for "I Love Rimjobs". Would you care to explain exactly what it is about rimjobs that you find to be so enthralling? Thanks, I'm quite curious.
  2. What have been a few of your experiences within the Halo community that have served as defining moments?
  3. If you could pick one of your favorite forge maps from either Halo Reach or Halo 4 and have it remade as a dev map, which map would you chose? What changes would you make to it, both aesthetically and geometrically, given the lack of limitations placed on dev maps? The map would play with ideal settings on the game type(s) of your choice.
1. :thefinger:
2. The first defining moment for me was testing my first, most basic maps with some people in Reach and getting my first bits of feedback, as this is when I went from just playing around with blocks in forge to actually trying to create a good experience for the players on my maps. By receiving criticism and adjusting my designs I was actively designing a map for the first time.
Another moment was when I became a part of the Tester's Guild on Forge Hub, when I began looking at others maps to give clear feedback. This is when I started really looking closely at maps to understand what was good and what was bad.
3. That's a really tough question. There are a lot of good maps out there, but in this case I'd like to pick a map that is strong but definitely limited by forge. I'm going to pick 2. I would love to see a dev map version of Port Authority (which for those of you who don't know is by mock and duck, not me.) That's a map that is simple but that plays fantastically for a variety of modes. It's an extremely solid BTB map, and I'm sure with unlimited resources it could be even better, not to mention gorgeously urban. It would be for 1 sides territories, 1 flag, and slayer.

I'd also love to see the definitive version of Embarcadero created as a dev map. This map hasn't been forged yet but my maps Embarcadero and Embark both have strived for this but not quite hit the mark. I'd love to see this made as the definitive 1 flag map in a game.

1. Which would you prefer: Shy Lone Fig, Leg of Shiny, Hinge of Sly?
2. If a humdinger were an animal, what would it look like? (original Paint illustration required).
3. Would you rather watch a 12-hour viddoc of turtle sex, or complete Buddy's Ninja Challenge?
1. Oolook Itsashoo is my preferred title.
2. A Humdinger is the reflection of a hip-hop-opotamus on the underside of a titanium cereal bowl of truth and justice. I'd draw you a picture but I'd have to kill you after showing you.
3. Bring on the turtle sex.

Did you want to win or did it just come naturally?
Do you like to screw with the community in SvC (communication community)
In what order do you rank the forge canvass?
1. Duck created the contest based on kills because he drives the warthog and I gun, so naturally I would win it. I sort of wanted to anyway though.
2. I don't have a screwdriver, so I've never tried.
3. Forge Island first for the lack of limitations, impact second for good pieces and interesting terrain, Ravine third for not having shitty lighting, Erosion fourth for having shitty lighting.

1. Gon' get dat Titanfall?
2. Any interest in staffing DestinyRaids?
3. Is there any hope for "Halo 5"?
1. Maybe, it looks pretty cool. I'll try it and see if I enjoy it.
2. I want to know more about Destiny first.
3. Yes, there is. A lot is wrong with Halo 4 but I don't think it would be that hard to fix at all. I think 343i will have learned from a lot of their mistakes, and hopefully the worst ones will be fixed.

  1. Would you rather fight one (1) Knight-sized Watcher OR ten (10) Watcher-sized Knights? (Damage and Health scales with size)
  2. You wake up one morning, realizing your Xbox has been replaced with a Wii. What's your first reaction?
  3. What's the number one thing you would want to include in the next Halo title?
1. I'd probably just watch Full Life Consequences.
2. As my Wii sits next to my Xbox at home I'd probably just find my xbox and put them back in their original locations.
3. Right now I'm more interested in making sure certain features are removed in the next title than adding new ones. I would probably bring back some of the old game types and focus on expanding game type customization options however.

1. Who?
2. What?
3. Where?
1. John Freeman
2. Ran fast like speed of sound
3. The bad place where Gordan Freeman was.

1. Why is your name Flying Shoe?
2. Why don't you make a GrmnEscaltrPrty clone? Would you?
3. What is your life like? (Where you go, what you do. If areas are too personal just generalize them)

1. Why is your name Grmnescaltrprty?
2. I would, but human cloning is still a little morally dubious.
3. Right now I got to Arizona State University. I do school stuff, I forge, I hang with friends on and offline, I listen to music, and every once in a while I even accidentally a coke bottle.

1) How much do you REALLY love running?
2) Is Psychoduck your b*tch, or are you his?
3) What thing do you think Halo 5 needs most in it's forge that Halo 4 lacked?
1. I love it so much that I usually sleep in instead of running. I actually really do enjoy running, but running in the middle of the city is yuck. I prefer to run in the mountains and forests. Like Legolas.
2. Neither The Psycho Duck nor myself are female dogs. I'm really not sure where you got the idea that we were.
3. Halo 5 needs canvas's that provide freedom to build however you want with some interesting terrain that can be used creatively, with no un-deletable structures that get in the way.

1) Would you like Halo 5 to have a forge world like Reach, or several canvases like 4?
2) Halo or Metroid?
3) Who would you rather live with (as a roomate i guess), Master Chief, The Arbiter, Noble Team, Your Halo 4 Spartan, or Cortana?
1. I'd like multiple canvas's that each provide a different feel, with the canvas's having little geometry on them beforehand besides a few hills or interesting rock formations.
2. Never played Metroid.
3. I'm already rooming with Arby this semester. He's a pretty cool guy, I wish he'd put the sword away at times though.

I. Why the ILR at the end of your name and what does it mean?
II. Do you think that if a character is dead, say Cortana, do you believe they should remain in the grave?
III. What do you hold near and dear to your heart (so I may or may not bust it)?
1. Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies. ;)
2. If a character was killed for good reason, then yes. If the character wasn't killed for a good reason, then they shouldn't have died in the first place.
3. My ribs.

1. I've heard every one else back story but what is yours, that specifies when and on what game did you start out on. Plus first Map. (Link be nice) :)
2. What is your real name? (If this is personal I understand)
3. How did you come up with the name Flying Shoe ILR. Don't leave out what the ILR means. ;)
1. I'm going to assume this question is trying to say "When did you start playing Halo?" If so, I started playing a 1 v 1 game of slayer on Headlong in Halo 2 against a friend when I was 11. I lost very badly. I then played Halo 1 and 2 at my friend's house for a few years, then I finally bought Halo 3 and a 360 when I was 14.
2. My real first name is the same as the asshole bar owner you meet near the start of Fallout 3.
3. Flying Shoe was taken, ILR was taken. Combining them did the trick. To find out more, please dial the number onscreen.

1. Favorite Music Artist and Song by them.
2. What inspired you to start forging?
3. Can my Mist fit in your Flying Shoe? (See that ;) )
1. Oh gosh that's a hard question. I reserve the right to answer this 4 times. My 4 favorite artists at this time are Dream Theater, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Mogwai, with my favorite songs being "A Change of Seasons", "Weird Fishes", "Dogs", and "Thank You Space Expert" respective to the bands I mentioned.
2. I loved building with Lego's as a kid, and I originally wanted to be an architect so that I could build things I could walk inside. Forge offered me the same kind of experience, and I ended up changing my focus to game design.
3. Mist settles rather low to the ground. My shoe flies too high for your mist to stand a chance.

Ok, my first questions:

1. What would you do if you meet a Flying Boot ILR on Xbox LIVE?

2. Which do you like better: Pie or Pi?

3. Do you think Halo 5 will have a option to put goats in maps?
1. I'd shake that gentlehuman's hand.
2. Piy.
3. Never doubt it.

1. Coke or Pepsi?
2. Cockrel or Pussycat?
3. Will Forge on Destiny?
1. Tea
2. Velociraptors
3. If it has one, probably, but I doubt Destiny will have a map editor any time soon.

What is the most you've ever spent at the strip club? These are the important questions people.
1. 175,000 Galactic Standard Credits. Krogan always cost extra.

Android or iOS?
Windows, Mac or Linux?
How tall are you?
1. I use a brick.
2. I use a mac but I don't really mind using windows, though the UI is annoying at times. Never used Linux.
3. 5' 11".

1. Have you ever forged (or even thought about forging) a race map?
2. Has your shoe ever hit the ground?
3. What is the brightest thing in the universe?
1. No, I prefer BTB maps because they can be awesome to drive and to fight on. For me driving the hog is only half of the fun, with the other half being using it to mop up the enemy team and control the map.
2. Every .76 seconds.
3. The idea to put meat and cheese on bread was the brightest idea in the universe.

1. Where is your favorite place on the Citadel?
2. On a scale of 0-Mockfuck why aren't you wearing a purple hat?
3. What happens if I divide a shoe by zero?
1. The Hanar lap-dance club in bay D24.
2. Watermelon.
3. You would get a monkey with only 7 toes.


1. Provolone
2. I love the Halo 4 warthog. It's just about everything I want in a driver/ gunner style vehicle. The rocket hog is also great, a good way to mix things up.
3. Rocket powered Banana with Zaphod Beeblebrox and Gary Space against a horde of Zombie Goasts.
Let me answer your question Flying Shoe ILR

My names GrmnEscaltrPrty because it's three random words that came to me and sounded pretty dumb and silly altogether. So I knew this would be a genius, untaken name.