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Yo guys,

I've always loved community created content, be it forge maps, artwork, screenshots, montages, webseries, machinimas, clips, commentaries, streams, etc.

Only a short while ago it was offered to HaloCustoms to get our very own soundtrack, a track me and you can use for videos, intros or simply listen to.
This track was then handcrafted by Akmigone and uploaded for us all to use, truly a lot of work went into its composition.

You might know him because of his many videogame inspired pieces (Halo of course, but many more) on youtube, his passion for music and the feature from THFE.

Akmigone, I love your work and I would like to thank you for the amazing track you composed for us! Without any further ado, here it is:

Sacrifice Above All - An orginal composition by Akmigone for HaloCustoms

Where this track is coming from there is a lot more, check out his youtube channel and subscribe if you haven't already!

Also Akmigone told me to encourage you to use this track in projects and videos for everyone!
So if you were on the lookout for copyright free epic music, there you go! Just make sure to link to his youtube channel in the description of your video!
We will make sure to use this track in future projects as well, also I lost count how many times I listened to this already :D

-Fuzzle out
The community is the reason I started compose (around 8 months ago):

So thank you so much for your support and kind words, it's really inspiring to keep creating tracks! :)
I'm so glad this track was appreciated, thank you!
Well, this has officially gone into my studying music folder. You are now beside Two Steps From Hell for epic music that I listen to. I fucking loved it, you talented SOB.
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Watch Fuzzle Vlog about this music and then Vlog for the next couple of music vids. If he were to Vlog about 3 of these he probably have 2 hours of vlogging to do... ;) :)