News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 26th Feb '17

Good evening and welcome to another Halo Customs weekly roundup. This week, we'll be taking you through a week in the life of an Unggoy Suicide Bomber. We'll be talking to Drogul about his job, family life, and why he chose to throw himself head first with a plasma grenade in each hand at the UNSC forces from the Spirit of Fire to secure himself a place on the Great Journey. Oh, what's that? Atriox already sent him on a mission to destroy the enemy base but he got run over by an angry Marine in a Warthog? Damn, we didn't prepare any other news... Quick, someone get Frank to rustle something up.

There's always something interesting going on in the Halo community. This week it's the latest in commercial partnerships 343i have partnered up with Paramount Pictures to bring us a forge contest with a twist, centered around their upcoming sci-fi film Ghost in the Shell. Maps must be designed to re-create the look and feel of the Ghost in the Shell universe, a dystopian future where assassins in skin-coloured suits and active camo modules jump off buildings backwards and freaky Maiko stab people in the neck at dinner parties. It's a cruel world and it's your job to recreate that atmosphere using Halo 5's forge mode. There are some pretty sweet prizes up for grabs, so if you're interested be sure to head over to Halo Waypoint where you can find out all the juicy details. Or you can click here for a direct link! Good luck to all of you who choose to enter, it's sure to be an interesting one to watch!

Last week was London, this week the HWC headed over to Mexico City for the first time! Get your best Trump impressions ready and hide behind that wall because there's sure to be some carnage. It's currently still ongoing as I write this, with some pretty cool Spanish and English mixed commentary that's a bit confusing at first, but just listening to the way the Spanish guys speak is amazing and hearing "Muerte Excelente!" shouted out when someone hits a dirty no-scope is pretty funny and adds that extra bit of culture. It's cool for 343i and the HWC to recognise that it's not just the EU and NA teams, but also those from some of the other corners of the planet who can play Halo at a high level and kick serious Spartan butt. You can watch it live on the Halo twitch channel or on your Xbox via the live streaming app. Be sure to watch out for the codes for free REQ packs!

If you like toys (who doesn't) then the new Halo Mega Construx (basically Mega Bloks) are the thing for you. There's a whole range of sets to choose from, with sets including both Chief and his Blue Team and Locke and Osiris Team, as well as loads of different sets from the recently released Halo Wars 2. The sets do look cool and there's a lot of variety available so I'm sure those who like to collect these kinds of things will be rubbing their hands with glee with their wallets crying in the background. Here's Blue Team in all their blocky glory.


To tangent off for a moment, there was an announcement that CloudFlare passwords had been leaked, but after speaking to Mr. Big Stack he's explained what actually happened so this is just a quick PSA for all of you. There's no need to worry, as the HaloCustoms site does not use CloudFlare logins, so we're not affected by the potential breach. See the quote below from him in regards to this.

There is no need for users to change their HaloCustoms passwords, as we use Microsoft Logins and access tokens. If you use other sites that have CloudFlare, odds are that you're 99.9% fine and will not need to change anything. There was no breach, there was just a configuration error on a few servers that passed CloudFlare traffic. Around 0.00000003% requests could have been vulnerable, but the issue was spotted and fixed before the so-called "leak" was announced.
If you want to be safe you can change your passwords, it's generally advised that you change them every so often anyway, but there's no realistic security threat, so no need to worry.

And finally this week, a clip I found on Reddit where an oblivious Red team loses three Mythic Reqs to a guy with an SMG.

Until next week, stay frosty.