HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 22nd May '17


Yeah, I'm still on cough meds...

Not much happenend in the Halo world this week, all the news has been taken up by a certain Marmite flavoured game made by Halo's original creators.

If you haven't heard of it, Project Contingency is a fan-made Halo game that uses the Unreal 4 engine. It is being developed by a team of Halo fans with one overall goal in mind: To deliver the best Halo experience on PC that stays true to the series that we all live. Everything for this game is being developed from scratch and all of the team are working for zero profit, as they plan to release the game for free when it's done. For now, they're aiming for a multiplayer-only experience, but they would like to branch out into other areas if possible. They recently released their April update for the game, showcasing some of the pre-alpha gameplay and I must say it looks stunning for a fan made product.

Check out the trailer below:

Yesterday, the Last-Chance Qualifiers for the HCS NA Summer Pro League took place, with Oxygen Supremacy facing off against Splyce Gaming for the final spot in the Summer Pro League. Splyce won the best of 7 series 4-2 to take that spot and be able to compete against the best Halo teams in North America including HCS Daytona winners Team EnVyUs.

Finally this week, GrimBrotherOne posted a thread on reddit asking Halo fans which characters they would add to an Injustice style Halo beat-em-up fighting game. His picks included obvious picks such as the Chief, The Arbiter (Thel'Vadam), The Didact and Spartan Locke, as well as some interesting picks such as one of the Prophets and a Promethian Warrior. Other redditors also chipped in their ideas such as Mister Chief, Kat (she'll never win), The Grunt Mech, and Spartan 1337. Who would you choose to be in a Halo fighting game? Put your ideas in the comments below!

Don't forget, the Par for the Course Battle Golf forge contest is still hip-happening with some awesome prizes for the winners, so be sure to check out the full thread here

For your community clip this week, what if Cortana was replaced with Clippy?

I might be less ill next week, see you then!


There are like four different groups doing things all slightly differently. Very neat to see what they come up with.