News HallowCustoms Username Contest Results!


*All usernames should be reverted to their original versions as of now. If not, send me a message.*

As we transition into the month of November, the Halloween celebrations once again come to a close here at HaloCustoms. As per tradition, we hosted another annual Username Contest where we asked the local denizens to vote for the spookiest name change among those that were submitted. The winner of said contest would not only be regarded as the spoopiest member of all time*, but they would also earn themselves a new trophy and the custom title, "The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch"! The votes have been calculated, so without further ado...


Congratulation to
♥ Sky

for his spooky submission:
Stake Thru the ♥

Enjoy your custom title! Sky, if you would like your title to remain the same as before, send a message to one of our administrators. We'd like to extend our thanks to everybody that participated in the frightful name changing and that submitted to the contest. See you next Halloween!

*Until next Halloween