Map Preview Freeman Bay


BIOC Leader, Flood Guru
Jan 1, 2013
Hello everyone!

Today I'd like to share a map preview of the lovely sea town known by the name of 'Freeman Bay'.
You might recognize this map. That would make sense because it's a remake of a map I created in Halo 4 called 'Morgan Bay'.

Morgan Bay took takes place in an old port or bay of sorts and was actually mostly inspired by Assassin's Creed III and imagery of Amsterdam in the 16th century. This hasn't changed with Freeman Bay.

Aside of a couple of aesthetical changes, a few extra routes have been added to the map to make for better flow and to fit the typical Halo 5 gameplay style. As the Infection gametype hasn't been released yet I have yet to get solid gameplay footage, but for now you can enjoy these pictures of the map's design and overall feel.

Thank you for your time,


Special thanks to PA1NTS for surprising me with the awesome video trailer