Cool Forza Horizon 5 Club now live!


Outside of our occasional trip to the world of Minecraft and more recently the handful of "Opt-in" games over on Discord, a staple in the history of HaloCustoms has always been an in-game Car Club for every Forza title that features the majestic Warthog.

With Forza Horizon 5's full launch looming on the 9th I've taken the precautions to set things up once again, this time securing the coveted HALO tag (with FH3 we had to settle with "-HC-" and with FH4 "HAL0" which just isn't the same as the real thing).


FH5 Clubs are essentially treated like an extension of your friends list, allowing you to share screenshots, vinyls, tunes and race routes with the HaloCustoms community. More importantly is the enhanced bragging rights with leaderboards, both in individual events competing for the top spot amongst HC members/your friends and also on a global club vs. club scale.

Outside of the game you'll also be awarded a role on Discord giving you access to an all new text channel to discuss your Warthog-related adventures across the Mexican Horizon Festival. If you have your forum account linked with Discord, you'll also gain the "Warthotg Export" title and trophy.

Joining is super simple. After beating the first Horizon Adventure (removing the game's training wheels); pause the game, go-to the Online tab and select the Clubs option in the top left. From here select the "Search Clubs" option and search for HALO. Keep an eye out for our friendly mascot (he should appear at the top of the list). From there you'll be able to join us in Mexico and become a Warthotg Export today!

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