xbox one

  1. Ewingreach

    Introduction Obligatory Greetings

    Hello! I've been playing Halo for, probably, almost a decade. Sold my 360 years ago before building a gaming pc, and just bought an Xbox One a few months ago for Halo 5. I've not spoken to any of my few Xbox live friends for years, and they seem to have abandoned their accounts, so I've come...
  2. M

    Introduction Hi I'm masterwit

    About me: EST (US), but I play late 28, male My gamertag, reddit handle, forgehub handle, and others are also "masterwit" I play Halo 5 (forging, customs, and matchmaking on select lists) My job and play habits might see me take a few weeks break from XB1, gaming, and other Halo areas such as...
  3. Tedium

    Xbox One Announcement Abridged

    This video just about sums it up perfectly. Don't worry, it's not an info recap. It's a laughy recap. Enjoy!