1. Jebus

    Event Par for the Course Battle Golf Forge Contest

    It's time to dust off your irons and grab a caddy; Par for the Course is back! Today, it is our pleasure to announce that we have partnered with the fine folks at 343 Industries to bring this event back into the fold. Our new partner was focused on the Ghost in the Shell Forge Contest until...
  2. Tedium

    Event 10,000 Members Celebration

    Literally the very first image to come up on google upon searching "10,000" Alright! Well! Today (give or take) marks a very special occasion for the HaloCustoms forum. Any guesses? Well I f*cking hope you don't f*cking guess b*tch because I thought I made myself pretty f*cking clear up...
  3. Psychoduck

    Community "Meet Your Maker" Dominion Forge Contest

    Submission Deadline is September 20th at 11:59 PM EST Many of you likely remember the Meet Your Maker Forge Contest. The contest was spearheaded by and was supported primarily by The Halo Forge Epidemic YouTube Channel. The task was to create a map designed for 4v4 Infinity...