big team battle

  1. B

    Reach Beach Landing 1.7

    In this D-Day style map, one team must make their way off the beach and take the teleporter up to the enemy bunker to plant the bomb while the other team must take advantage of their elevated position to stop them.
  2. GuiltySpark

    Brute Force 3.0

    "let’s see what kind of galaxy we woke up too" Halo Wars 2 Big Team Battle Map by OracleGamerx (previously ARC GuiltySpark) Map Link Current Update Gamemodes -Heavy Slayer Link One of the most loved Halo 4 multiplayer modes, Heavies has returned in Halo 5 Guardians. Battle an 8 player...
  3. CHa0s

    Standard Vortex 2016-11-11

    This Vortex map stays true to the original. Vortex classic supports CTF, Strongholds, Assault, Oddball and Slayer. The Strongholds points seen in the video below have been moved to the same positions as the Dominion points were on the original. A redeux version will be available soon...
  4. G

    Standard Hoth 2.0

    This i a remake from Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battle of hoth, with 2 at-at, warthogs tundra, mantis, mongoose. 4 Wasp, 1 Phaeton, and a remake from the map with the two bases and more. The map is alike Hoth and it have snow to recreate a better view The map is a "beta" so, it will have some...
  5. F

    Standard Pride Rock 2016-08-01

    Have you ever wondered where the Covenant settled some of their battles? You would think they would've settled them in High Charity at a specific location. However, back in 2552, when the Prophets found Earth, they decided to create one of the biggest battle field's ever seen by a Sanghelli or...
  6. T

    Standard Outpost 04 2016-07-31

    On this map you'll find a burst of nostalgia. From the covenant camps complete with custom antennas (not made by me) classic covenant crates (made by me, and by that I mean I never looked up a tutorial or anything.) and shields. I find that this map plays smoothly at a medium pace. Even though...
  7. TimeDipper

    Standard Dispelled 2.0

    Hi Halo Community, I am pleased to introduce my newest forge creation. Dispelled is a BTB map built from the ground up for the 'Meet Your Maker' Competition. The map is designed for BTB Slayer and BTB CTF with Assault Rifle & Magnum Starts. The Goal I wanted to make a map which combines all...
  8. Skyward Shoe

    Event Meet Your Maker Contest Update

    Greetings my fellow forgers and forge-ettes! With the release of a new forge canvas, new vehicles, and new forge options in general, the judging panel has decided to push the submission deadline for MYM map submissions back by 2 weeks. The new deadline will be set at 11:59 PM EST on July 31st...
  9. Darth Quackers

    Standard Symbiosis

    Two enemies in close proximity to eachother. Big team battle remix of HillTop. This map uses a lot of infantry combat as well as some vehicles. It shows of the different (shade turrets) and new (Plasma Caster, Hydra Launcher) features that Halo 5 has to offer while almost keeping the Halo 2-3...
  10. Skyward Shoe

    Meet Your Maker: BTB Submission Thread

    Welcome to the Meet Your Maker: Big Team Battle forge contest! Here, you can submit your contest entries. Please follow the submission format below and keep all event and map discussion in the main contest thread. Thank you for your participation in the contest! All submissions due by 11:59...
  11. Skyward Shoe

    Event Meet Your Maker: BTB Forge Contest

    Introduction Hello ladies and gentle-forgers, and welcome to the fourth iteration of the Meet Your Maker forge contest! Halo 5 introduced an incredible new suite of game mechanics, as well as the most powerful Forge in Halo history. With most players now well versed in both the gameplay and the...
  12. E

    Standard Bridge to Ragnarok

    Large scale vehicle map with two opposing bases separated by a massive bridge in the middle of the map where both teams race to get the phaeton. Supports slayer CTF and Strongholds If you like Valhalla and Blood Gultch then you will enjoy this! I made this map to play with my spartan company...
  13. MrBamble

    Standard Hornet's Nest

    H o r n e t ' s N e s t by MrBamble "Hidden deep within Mount Kilimanjaro, this forgotten stronghold awakens memories of an age long past. 12-16 players." Homage to a Classic As this map takes inspiration from Halo 3's Rat's Nest, it feels like a long forgotten blanket from your...
  14. ChaoticWolf22

    Standard Highlight

    Inspired by the map Recurve, This BTB map offers many different levels for players to use to their advantage. The Big Tower offers long sightlines for player while it also offers a Banshee for whoever reaches it first. On the opposite side there is a UNSC Armory tower which is similar to the one...
  15. Jernst Reborn

    Standard Shores of Time

    Finally releasing my first forge map of Halo 5! I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t this that one map from Destiny?” You would be correct! Shores of Time was one of my favorite maps in Destiny and I decided to remake it Halo 5 style. This map is brought to you by Forge Factory! This is a big...
  16. X

    Standard Adjacent Canyon

    This Big Team Battle map Supports all CTF, Slayer and Strongholds. The map has 2 snipers, 2 hydras and an active camo. Play's really good on CTF if your looking for a fun Capture the flag map. There are 2 bases on each side of the map. Each base has a warthog.
  17. Skyward Shoe

    Map THFE Feature: Panic Attack

    Check out Panic Attack in the HaloCustoms Map Database! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! Hm? Oh sorry, I didn't see you there. I was too busy driving a flaming warthog off of a ramp amidst a haze of bullets, grenades, and traffic cones. One would think I would be used to this on the third iteration of...
  18. Psychoduck

    Map THFE Feature: Shipwreck

    Download Shipwreck here! The wreckage of the UNSC Turdburglar is spread throughout this rocky cove. What was once a peaceful inlet is now fraught with danger. Though time has passed, and nature has begun to reclaim the area, a faint hum can still be heard emanating from the dusty bones of this...
  19. Psychoduck

    News Halo 4 Matchmaking Update

    Halo 4's matchmaking suite has seen many ups and downs in the nine months since the game's release. Issues have ranged from an excess of playlists, to inclusion of poorly designed maps and modes. However, 343i is taking another step towards having a refined matchmaking experience with a new set...