H2A Weevil

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Multi Flag CTF
Custom Gametype Name
Squad Multi Flag
'Meet Your Maker'
Weevil 2.3
Designed and Built by Orzium

Weevil is an inversely symmetrical 5v5 multi-flag map built on the Skyward canvas. This design utilises both the 'S' and 'Figure Eight' shaped design to ultimately help to balance out travel distances for vehicles and infantry.

This map was a huge learning curve for myself however I think I have nailed the important elements of a 5v5 map. The map features two warthogs that can be used as both a defence mechanism or an attacking mechanism. The warthog ramps ensure that a mix between infantry and vehicle use is required in order to capture a flag. Several drop off's help with vehicle flow and each base is equipped with a machine turret.

Weapon List
2x Sniper
1x Rocket
4x Battle Riffle
4x Plasma Grenades
2x Machine Turret

Vehicle Li
2x Warthogs

Games on weevil are fast paced, enjoyable and most of all balanced. I would have loved to give the map a little bit more polish before the dead line but I had other real life commitments that I needed to take care of first.

Overall, I enjoyed creating a map with squad settings and now I can fully understand the competitive nature behind squad settings.

Orzium Out!






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4.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest reviews

I saw on our video that you were planning to revisit this design in H5, so I thought I'd give some feedback. I think this is a strong squad design; it executes on travel time balance and infantry-vehicle interaction well. I think that the weakest aspect of this map is its reliance on walls for segmentation. I think of walls as being a very two-dimensional way to segment a map as they serve a single purpose. Using multi-purpose, three-dimensional geometry to segment maps creates more interesting lines of sight and movement options. If you can push the map in that direction more and incorporate perhaps a bit more vertical overlap as well, I think this will be an excellent squad map in the future.
Thanks Duck.... I full understand. This current layout will be a great base design to re-iterate in H5. There is defiantly rooms for vertical overlap if forged correctly.
I really like this types of maps!