The Grid

The Grid V069

Reccommended Player Count
16 - 24 Players
Forge Canvas
Custom Gametype Name
The Grid
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Welcome to The Grid; the spiritual successor to Halo 4's "La Grille".

The general premise here is a team-based "spin" on the classic Crash-Up Derby formula.

Phase 1 is very much a game of sumo, with a simple square platform that players need to try and muscle off a member of the enemy team. Some players might also choose to speed things along with a strategic sacrifice for the sake of pure chaos.

Phase 2 begins after one player falls victim to The Grid, upon respawn they will find themselves on a platform where they can use the supplied pistol to influence the angle and rotation of The Grid itself to either help or hinder their team. Eliminated players who chose to crouch in a celebratory fashion might find that they get a "nice" reward.

Phase 3 kicks in if players are still hanging in there with only 60 seconds to go. At this point eliminated players get access to the Volatile Skewer to unleash absolute anarchy upon The Grid below.

Once only 1 team is left on The Grid, the round will end and a point given to the winning team. First team to reach 5 points wins!

*Note, more images and visual flare will be added soon when I get to play this again in a full-ish custom. Sadly all the theatre mode clips I have bookmarked of the testing sessions have all become corrupt (thanks 343). If you happen to take any cool screenshots and make any videos on your Grid shenanigans there's a good chance I'll use them to flesh out this post further.
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