Superior Logic

H2A Superior Logic

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Race Gametypes
  1. Race
Custom Gametype Name
Battle Snipers
Superior Logic By: "Superior Forger & SomethinLogic14"

This track was forged for Battle Tracks, however after testing the map with just 4 players it was very difficult to get kills with the line of sight only lasting a couple of seconds. I had thought that grenades were not allowed in Battle Snipers, but I guess I was wrong so there are actually no grenades on the track. However there are two beam rifles located on the 2 banked waves on the map where you see the large braces along the turns. The secret is to crouch jump to pick it up. It was going to be a spring jump, but after testing,it, 5 seconds wasn't enough time to grab it. This track originally had a jump where the the start and end were segregated. But after many adjustments and inconsistencies I did away with it.

This is my only track on Halo MCC where there are no jumps. Believe it or not I forged over 90% of the track, mainly because my buddy was in school and I was trying to beat the deadline for the contest. Unfortunately after spending 7 hours on the turn with trees on it and connecting the track the deadline had already been reached. It's called Superior Logic because SomethinLogic14 is more horrible coming up with names than I am.

Color Scheme:
I don't remember who came up with the colors but it was decided Yellow & Cyan.

What to Expect:
Banked Waves

Rock Tunnels
Sick Turns


Superior Forger
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