Pumpkin Patch

H2A Pumpkin Patch

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Nebula (H2A)
Supported Race Gametypes
Race, Custom Gametype
Custom Gametype Name
SF Race
Happy Halloween
I created this Halloween themed track for a Speed-Forge off, but yet again ImSOshiftfaced chickened out. I built this map in 8 hours and struggled after I got halfway through the track. You may notice a few sections that were rushed. This is because I wasted an hour or so on something that didn't work out so I crammed something together. You may wonder why the map is called Pumpkin Patch, well there are pumpkins of course. Not exactly what I was planning, but I'm glad I built it. At the start of the race you do a front flip that works 100% of the time unless you are all crunched together, this may mess things up a bit. The 1st lobby I played we all did the 1st 25 seconds of the track wish no problems. Unfortunately there is a bottle neck similar to others I've made in the past where there is a straight up cannon man lift that admits one person at a time since I was running out of time to do something less problematic. There are a few 5 pumpkins; they are green, blue, purple, orange, and red and they look legit!


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