Super Duper Donut

H2A Super Duper Donut

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Nebula (H2A)
Custom Gametype Name
Last Hog Standing
Map: Super Duper Donut
Creator: Superior Forger
Variants: Free-4-All, Slayer, and Rocket Race
Gametypes: Battle Mode, Last Team Standing, Rocket Race, Rocket Hog Race, & Last Hog Standing
All map variants and gametypes are in my fileshare "Superior Forger"

Since I made the Battle Mode Series in Halo 4, I wanted to spike things up a bit in H2A. So here is my hyped up version of Big Donut from the good old Mario game "Mario Kart 64". I dedicated over 2 months off and on forging this map. In fact there are 3 variants for different game modes. The different variants include the Slayer Version, Free-4-All Version, and the Rocket Race Version. All of the maps are named the same, but in the descriptions, the map variant is labeled as such to avoid extremely long map names.

Process behind forging a Super Duper Donut:
I started with a flat circle at a 5 degree rotation, then I started the slant piece by piece. Then, about half way with me being finished with the slant I noticed that there was some height variations, so I took a 10x10 block and set it at a height and forged the circle up to that height. In basic terms, I used this 10x10 block and dragged it atop of the circle to see which blocks were poking through and so forth to see the unevenness of the circle. This process took a very long time!

After I finished the 1st circle (Outer Circle) I was looking for something to add to make it more detailed. A plane circle by itself didn't cut it for me, so I started thing of things to add. The 1st thing that came to mind was to extent the circle outward. Long story short; I spent 2 days forging something and halfway through I decided that I didn't like it and deleted it. Instead I decided to do an inner circle with a gap in between. I like this a lot better and stuck with it for all 3 variants. The inner circle took some time but was much easier since I could duplicate the outer circle. I still used the same methods to form the 2nd circle.

The next thing I did was think of how to make an aesthetic look kind of like lava on such a large scale. I wanted to use one-way-shields but it wasn't my best option, so I decided to use Red light in between the Inner and Outer circle to give that lava effect. To get the light to reflect so well I used the nova FX and placed the lights at a certain height and distance away from each other. I think I used 20 lights or so and buried them under a 10x10 block so it looks clean cut.

Everything else that I had to forge was very time consuming and took lots of testing. Remember there are 3 variants so I had to do things such as the spawning, object colors, hills, and other things 3 times. The Battle Mode version was the 1st version I forged so everything piggy backed off of it. The Rocket Race was the 2nd version which removed the hole in the middle of the map and some crates and turns to make it more complete. Finally the variant that took the longest was the Free-4-All version which introduces scripted events to make the map harder to survive on towards the end. I will put images and other map information in the section below.

Super Duper Donut Variants:

Slayer Version ~ Play with Battle Mode or Last Team Standing ~ Max 16 Players All Team Colors



  • Includes 8 Team Spawn locations for all team colors; this variant only supports the 8 team colors.
  • There are several gametypes for Battle Mode and Last Team Standing; if you wish you can change the weapon and so forth, I really didn't know what weapons to use...
  • Since team colors are available I used Red and Defender to color the track because I thought it looked cool.
  • I would suggest honor rules apply as spawn camping can be an issue. if anything, I should have not colored the bases.
  • Rockets are OP for sure, but if you want to doge the rocket I find riding the inside of the donut extremely useful to dodge rockets.

Rocket Race Version ~ Play with Rocket Race or Rocket Hog Race ~ Max 16 Players All Team Colors



  • All Teams Spawn in same location; this variant only supports the 8 team colors.
  • You can use a mongoose or a gauss hog. Both are extremely fun!
  • Only version where the teleporter was removed for people on foot.
  • Total of 11 checkpoints; gametype is set to win at 20.
  • 2 Banked Waves, an overpass and underpass, and large crates for cover.

Free-4-All Version ~ Play with Last Hog Standing ~ Max 16 Players No Team Colors



  • Round based game; last hog standing scores a point via KOTH.
  • Major help by Buddy Jumps for scripting timers.
  • Scripting events include the following; Outside ring disappears 60 seconds into the round. 75 seconds dice are ejected out. 90 seconds an EMP is triggered followed by 4 kill balls. 140 seconds 1 layer of gravity volumes is added as well as 4 cannon man. 160 seconds the 2nd EMP is triggered followed by 4 kill balls. 180 seconds 2nd layer of gravity volumes is added with 4 more cannon man and trip mines added inside the inner ring of the donut. Usually by 30 seconds left somebody wins. Also I have the game set up to phase nova out and put Old timy in by 160 second or something; so that's why the lighting flashes back and forth. It's a glitch I don't feel needs to be fixed.
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