Spring Expert

H2A Spring Expert

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Race Gametypes
  1. Custom Gametype
Custom Gametype Name
Ruunner Up
Spring Expert is a simple jump course for people that like to compete or test there spring jumping skills. I created this map because I was in a party with all my parkour buddies and I was curious how many spring jumps they could do consecutively? They said the max was like 8-10. I can do 15 in a row with no mistakes, the course has 49. No worries, I don't expect anybody to be able to do 49 consecutive spring jumps, but I imagine some people are better than others and to prove that, 1st Spring Expert to get to the top gets a point. I built this map for the 1-2% that can probably do this.

There are 2 versions; the base version which is more like the practice version of the map where you can die infinite times and just practice getting to the top & the competitive version is where all players must not fall behind more than 4 springs behind the leader or the floor will de-spawn. Both map variants are compatible with the race gametype, but make sure you use the gametypes said to use in the description of the maps.

Note: I know that many of you may not be interested in this map or may not be able to do these types of jumps. That's OK. I forged this map because I wanted to even if it goes against everyone's preference or recommendations. I also got a little practice with scripting and the map only took a few hours, so it's not a complete waist of time. If you don't know how to spring jump, I would suggest looking at the tutorial below.





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