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Skyward (H2A)
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SF Parkour
Sequence Jumping is my favorite kind of jumping since I discovered it in Halo Reach for my map The Old Factory. Some of you are probably wondering what sequence jumping is. Well, lets say you have 2 jumps to get from point A to point B. Lets say the 1st jump is a slide jump and the 2nd jump is a spring, however; if you decided to just take the slide jump and land on the 2nd jump and try to jump to point B at a dead stop, then you are not sequence jumping and you will always fail as the gap required to go on is too large without the momentum needed to cross the gap. Not all sequence jumps are alike, but I can say a majority of sequence jumps require momentum to cross from point A to point B. On my Sequencing map, I also added soft kill boundaries to some sections to up the hard factor and make sure the jumper is always moving along and not take their sweet time to get from point A to point B. I would still call this sequencing, but not certainly not my favorite type of sequencing.

Sequencing jumps required to run this course include crouch jumps, really good crouch jumps, ghost jumps, curve jumps, slide jumps, late jumps, and my personal favorite, spring jumps. This course was not intended to be extremely hard, but also at the same time it's another map forged for the 2 percent tile. But I have seen a majority of people get to red section before failing the 4 consecutive spring jump section which also has a soft kill boundary allowing a max of one mistake for 8 consecutive jumps. Red section is also the 2nd hardest section out of the 8 sections on the map, Cyan is the hardest section which is the last section of the map. I will go into more detail about each section and how to do them below.

This is the 1st parkour map on Halo 2 where it uses the race gametype for checkpoints. So, to get a checkpoint, all you have to do is hop on a goose to get a checkpoint. I like it better this way because when you die you don't have to spawn and walk through a teleporter and then start the sequence. Instead you spawn at the checkpoint. Also since in testing people said they would have liked to go back a section and help out their friends, I also took the courtesy of adding one-way teleporters to send you back a section. Note: I think Gold to Red teleporter doesn't work properly, but you can always jumps down form gold to red. If you decide to play this map, make sure you grab the SF Parkour race gametype off my fileshare and save you a lot of time of configuring the settings yourself.

Section 1-Green: (Easy)
Starts off with 6 easy crouch jumps, then you jump a gap and follow the gravity up to the right or left side of the wall. Next is a corner jump which I find easier for me on the left side, but others find it easier on the right, they are however identical. You will then have to do a really good crouch jump to get up to the top; noted you can also do a spring here as well. Next up is a slide jump. Loads of people fail here the 1st few times, but it's actually really easy. I even took the liberty of marking the spot where you should jump with a neutral colored block. Followed by the slide jump are a series of really good crouch jumps to the end of green section for your 1st checkpoint.


Section 2-Blue: (Easy)
At the start of blue section you have a good crouch jump followed by a slide jump which you can stand or crouch on the way down until you jump on the neutral colored block to get to the next step. Up next is a late jump into a overhead one-way shield door; you want to hit the wall in front of you and hold back & crouch and land of the block above the one-way shield. Then you want to jump and crouch onto the next block which is followed by the easiest slide jump on the map. I recommend spamming the jump button on this slide jump only! By this point your probably thinking this map is easy, well, Green & Blue are the easiest sections on the map.



Section 3-Purple (Medium)
Purple section takes practice, it took me a while to get controllable with it, but making the final gap is so satisfying. On that note this is "SMOKEY MASSACRE"' favorite section. This section consists of 3 downward curve jumps and a slide jump. Fortunately you can take your sweet time on this section and jump when you are ready. To do a curve jump it is best to hold crouch and the direction you are jump to. For instance I look left when I'm on these curve jumps and jump out to the left a little bit, then wait a split second and then curve to the right while holding crouch to land on the next ledge. You got to be careful not to hit the block before landing on the next ledge or you will miss it. There are 3 curves in this section and it is possible to jump from 1 directly to 3 and is extremely difficult and not recommended. Lastly and most importantly the last curve jump has a slide before starting red section. On the 3rd curve you want to release crouch when you hit the slide to clear the massive gap.



Section 4-Red (Hard)
Now to the red section, the most hated section mostly by people who can't spring jump. To start off red section are 4 regular jumps followed by 2 crouch jumps, followed by a trick up jump, which is then followed by a soft-kill which consists of 4 regular jumps and then 4 consecutive springs. The soft kill stop before hitting the top of the pyramid or staircase if you will. Up next is an oversping jump clearing a gap, then are really good crouch jump followed by the last spring until section 7 &8 which is then followed by a staircase in a soft-kill with 9 regular jumps. I find it best to hold crouch and jump up the stairs.



Section 5-Gold (Medium)
Gold section starts off with a slide jump, into a spring jump over the massive gap. Then the last jump is a really good crouch jump up into orange section. Gold section is my favorite section. If you pass the 1st 4 sections with ease than Gold will be a breeze.


Section 6-Orange (Medium)
Orange starts with a gravity lift and a ledge right above it. The trick to the gravity lift is to crouch into it on the way down and curve forward onto the ledge. Orange section is nothing but really good crouch jumps, some of which are in a soft-kill boundary.



Section 7-Sea Green (Hard)
This is the overview screenshot because this was my favorite type of jump on my map The Old Factory in Halo Reach. Sea green is my 2nd favorite section because many years ago this is where I got the idea of sequencing. I had never seen these type of jumps before then and thought they were really fun. I'm sure other people have similar maps, but I wasn't and am still not really into other jump maps.I myself enjoy trick jumping and sequence jumping and not competitive style and really excessively long and hard jump maps. Getting back to sea green which starts of with 3 baby jumps followed by the start of the last soft-kill boundary which includes 7 jumps. The 1st of which is a ghost curve jump into a ghost into a slide, spring, slide, jump. The last sea green block doesn't have a soft-kill boundary, but is a late jump into cyan section.


Section 8-Cyan (Hard)
Cyan is the hardest section on the map which is also the last section consisting of a total 7 springs. Cyan starts off with a crouch jump into a spring jump, then a regular jump into 4 ghost springs followed by a curve jump into a slide spring jump which is a part of the soft-kill from sea green section, but leaves plenty of time to spare to get past the section. From the corner ledge is a really good crouch jump followed by 3 really easy jumps into the gravity going up the wall and across the sealing. You want to hold forward and land standing up and jump the gap then spring over the next gap. to the end of the section. At the end are 2 teleporters, Green goes back to the start where you can then take white to get the last checkpoint which will end the game or you can go back to previous sections.




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