H3 Scarface 1

iTz Fuzzywig
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Sandbox (H3)
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Tony Montana
I'm re-uploading a map that I found on Forgehub back in 2009. It was created by iTz Fuzzywig who hasn't been online in 7 years. All credit goes to the original author.

Miami...1981.... the cocaine trade was booming and many people went out to start new lives and make millions by trafficking this less than legal substance. One of these these brave souls was a man named Tony Montana. Tony came from communist Cuba to start a new life and live the American Dream.
In the end, he fell into the cocaine trade and after shrewdly out-competing and out-killing all of his rivals, he became the sole cocaine drug lord in all of Miami, trafficking thousands of kilos of cocaine which translates to millions of dollars.
Not everyone wanted Mr.Montana to be on the top however. Tony's once associate, Sammy Sosa, decided to put an end to Tony's hold on Miami after Tony decided to not carry out a mission for Sosa. He decided that it was the time to put an end to Tony Montana...once and for all.
On dark night, Sosa sent in his thugs to Tony's Miami mansion, directly on the coast of Little Havana to see just how tough Tony is.... you get to figure out the end from there.
Saint Taaka
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