PO-PO Police

H2A PO-PO Police

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Nebula (H2A)
Supported Race Gametypes
  1. Race
Custom Gametype Name
SF Race
2nd Co-Forged racetrack By: SomethinLogic14 & Superior Forger

PO-PO Police is a cop themed (Red & Blue) Double-Wide track on Nebula. This track was especially fun to build. SomethinLogic14 started forging with a banked wave while I forged backwards for the 1st drift turn of the track. After the 2nd day of forge I figured since he forged both the red and blue turns I would finish the track with another drift turn and jump. Since we decided to do a police themed map I thought it would be a bonus to add the ability to change colors while racing. You will notice that your player changes form red to blue back and forth around the track. This is because there are 25 or so trait zones above the map in big rectangular boxes. 1 is set to Alpha for Red and the other is set to Bravo for blue. So the trait zones are set up like this: Alpha, Bravo, Alpha, etc... I did some research on some police names and found out that PO-PO is a common term referred to the Police since the 80's when bicyclist police use to wear vests with "PO" labeled on them. Since Police didn't fit on the box I decided to use to write PO-PO in red and blue instead.





Superior Forger
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Great work once again great drifts turns and jumps. http://youtu.be/jBVdB_Mm5_k