Pluto's Rings

Reach Pluto's Rings 1.1

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  1. Other
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Kill Zeus
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This map is a combination of duck hunt and halo ring style game modes. Play with game type "Kill Zeus". This game type is best with 16 players.

In this variation of infection all players except one are zombies who must survive Zeus' lightning strikes and being pushed off the track by their own team mates.


At the end of the track you'll be raised to Zeus's level and be given two spartan lasers and a target locator to take him out with. Or you could use these tools to betray your team and increase their struggle.


There are also some strategically placed powerups for players who lose their vehicle, or decide they don't want one.

Supported Game Types: (*Compatible with MCC Custom Browser*)
-Kill Zeus

How to Download on PC
Time Stamp 3:40

How to download on XBOX
GT: NukeOhio2024

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