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Knock Knock is a Demotrack on H2A. I have remade the layout a total of 6 times and hope this is the last time. I've made lots of improvements since the 1st draft. I called it Knock Knock because there are several points where you can get knocked back; 4 points that knock you back without dying and 2 points that knock you to your death. And on 1 of the knock back points you can be thrown to your death if you get a massive hit on your target. I took the liberty to make sure this map is kill boundried out so there are no issues with being stuck outside the map. Also, the 2 teleporter blocker shortcuts are only accessible via mongoose within a confined space not accessible by racers. If there are any issues with kill boundaries or teleporters, let me know. Please advise teleporters often rotate your camera in any given direction and this cannot be fixed.

Map: Knock Knock
Creator: Superior Forger
Gametype: Demotracks
Object Count = 400
Lap time: 32 seconds
Testers: GOLDLINER 49NER, Noble Forger, King Edward I, v Reflex II, ImSOshiftFaced
Download: Add me/Then hit start/leaderboards/competitive timing/Halo CE/Pillar of Autumn/Easy/Friends or Favorites



Knock Back Points:
If knocked into this small pit, you get sent backwards via gravity volumes. You may be able to wiggle out of the columns, but it is faster to just got all the way back where the shield door kicks you out.
2nd knock back point. If you get knocked into this pit you made a bad judgement call.

3rd knock back point. This knock back point sends you into a pit via cannon man to the 2nd knock back point.


This is the 4th knock back point. Color code is orange because you can either be hit into the pit or you can be hit super hard into the hard kill boundary which is meters away from the checkpoint. Kill Knock Points:
1st kill knock point after a sharp turn past the 1st knock back point. I also added a cannon man to improve the odds of getting knocked out.


2nd kill knock point over a boxed turn. Pretty hard to get knocked down it unless you are cutting corners.
Blocker Shortcuts:

Two way teleporter shortcut for blockers.


One way teleporter shortcut for blockers.

Instead of going straight through 4 shields in one lane, I purposely switched the shields from orange to purple so blockers have to race and fight to go through the shortcuts instead of going straight through.

Not really a shortcut, but simply a way to continue the track instead of being blocked by the red and blue checkpoint.

Blockers have the choice to go straight across or jump the gap over the 2nd knock back point. (Optional) Racer Path:

Split path section for racers. If the path underneath the star becomes to crowded you can take the riskier path to the right.
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