Reach Frontlines 1.0

Frontlines is a Spartan vs Elite gametype in which both teams are fighting one territory at a time in order to advance the frontline. Upon a successful territorial capture, teams must withhold against an enemy counter-attack in order for them to proceed to the next territory, and vice versa. After six minutes, tier two loadouts are unlocked, and after twelve minutes, tier three loadouts are unlocked. A team loses when their HQ is captured, or when they run out of lives.

Until I get a page for them, included with the download are the Forge World map variants "Overlord" and "Encompass," specifically designed for this gametype.

Each team will need an object of the same team with the gametype label "HQ." Players will always be able to spawn at their HQ regardless of where the frontline is. Next, there should be multiple territories positioned in a linear fashion, with their spawn sequences ascending from zero (Spartan main base). The territories' teams should be set to who initially owns them. If there is an odd amount of territories, the one in the middle can be set to neutral team.

Frontlines is set to use settings defined by the map by default. There are three settings that can be determined by the map: Lives, First Attack, and Lives Added. To set one of these an object must be placed with the corresponding gametype label (s_lives, s_first_attack, s_lives_added.)

The spawn sequence multiplied by 10 is the amount of lives each team starts with.

Spawn sequence 0: Both teams will be attacking a neutral frontline at the start of the match.
Spawn sequence 1: The Spartans will start off attacking the Elites' frontline.
Spawn sequence 2: The Elites will start off attacking the Spartans' frontline.

The spawn sequence is how many lives are added upon a phase victory.
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