Fresh v4

H2A Fresh v4

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Awash (H2A)
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Author: Superior Forger

Race: Fresh v4
Halo: H2A

Download: Leaderboards-Campaign Scoring-Halo 1-Pillar of Autumn-Easy

1st map on H2A. I've been excited to finally get a chance to use the new forge in the Halo franchise. I've always loved seeing videos of halo racetracks from reach and wanted to get into making a few myself.

For the most part, everybody who has raced Fresh has liked it. It was not forged to be a competitive track, but with a lobby of 12 it can become just that. The track is quite easy to maneuver left and right to block or push others off the track without being left in the dust. If you like casual racing without any real challenge this this racetrack is for you.

This is version 4 because I have made several minor changes to fix all the hiccups in other varients. Refer below to see what each varient fixed.

V1: Orginally used 180 Large Braces from the start to the roof of the structure over the top of the startline. This version was the best, but also the most problematic due to map not loading with more than 2 people.

V2: Redid 1/3 of the track and took out all Large Braces to ensure more than 2 people could load into the map. Turned off invisible objects as it was brought to my attention that invisible objects only appear to host. Fixed a few jumps to ensure smoother landings. Moved the Superior Forger emblem on the reverse side of the wall, still can't really see it :(
V3: Added EMP mines around the widest turn to forbid you from taking the inside and added some kill barriers.
V4: Hopefully the last update, figers crossed. Removed EMP mines for being to overpowered and annoying.

Superior Forger
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