Fort Hank

H2A Fort Hank

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. One Flag CTF
  2. Asymmetrical Territories

Fort Hank is a remake of Bunker Hill: a map created by Oakley HiDef and myself in Halo: Reach. The original began with Oakley doing what he did best: building a cool looking bunker in forge. He originally intended for the map to be an infection map, but brought me on early enough in the process to facilitate a change in direction. Drawing a bit of inspiration from High Ground, I began massaging the design into a fully asymmetrical objective map. The goal was to create an entirely one-sided experience revolving around the expansive bunker complex. After a lot of testing, the map was refined to create an excellent experience for asymmetrical Territories.

Territories matches on Bunker Hill were extremely intense, with the defenders constantly scrambling to hold the line at different entrances to the bunker. Each team was forced to divide their attention between the bunker interior and the roof in order to control or capture the five territories.



Territories meta game revolves around the fact that as attackers capture more objectives, the defenders are spread less thin, making the remaining objectives progressively more difficult to capture. On Bunker Hill, some territories are also inherently easier or more difficult to attack than others. The result of the combination of these concepts is that attacking teams must be extremely coordinated to focus first on the most difficult to capture objectives (C and E) and saved the easier ones (B in particular) for last. This leads to incredibly intense matches which display a very different brand of competitive play than is traditionally seen on Halo maps.



With the return of Territories and the addition of placeable terrain, Halo 2: Anniversary provided an opportunity for Bunker Hill to be remade. The concrete textures were a nice fit for the bunker as well. I took the opportunity to make some edits to the terrain itself which was obviously not possible in Reach. The power of the turret in H2A also reinforced my design intent of the central courtyard being a deathtrap for the attackers with the rockets placed as a suggested counter to the emplacement.

If you're wondering why you've never heard of this map before, it's likely because I spent the last few months testing contest entries almost exclusively and only began testing Fort Hank in earnest more recently. The original was also built too late in Reach's lifespan to make too large of a splash. If you're looking for some sweaty asymmetrical objective action, feel free to take the map for a spin.



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After many years of refinement and adjustment, this has proven to be one of the most interesting and unique territories experiences in Halo!