H2A Flame

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Nebula (H2A)
Supported Race Gametypes
  1. Race
Racetrack called Flame By Superior Forger. 1st H2A Loop. I challenged my friend Noble Forger to build a loop and he's like "Hell Naw!". I don't blame him, this wasn't exactly fun to build. I wanted to do a different model for the loop but found it very difficult to forge at a slant so I just this simple design. However, I do plan on building other designs in the future.

I called this track Flame because the loop frame leading up to the top looks like a flame, so I decided to use several flame colors for the aesthetic appeal for this track. Given that this is not the best track in the world, I really just wanted to throw out the idea that Loops are possible in H2A. Also, the loop itself consist of 100 some objects, so I had to make the track short and sweet or it would end up only being able to support 1-2 players max.

Map: Flame
Creator: Superior Forger
Gametype: Race
Lap time: 45 seconds
Testers: l PVT Partz l, TurbTastic, ImSOshiftFaced
Download: Add me/Then hit start/leaderboards/competetive timing/Halo CE/Pilliar of Autumn/Easy/Friends or Favorites
Superior Forger
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