Catastrophic City

H2A Catastrophic City

Minimum Players
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Forge Canvas
Awash (H2A)
Supported Race Gametypes
  1. Race
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SF Race
Catastrophic City By: "Superior Forger & SomethinLogic14"

I lost count of how many Co-Forges we've done in the last month or so but this is one of my favorites. It's not entirely what I had in mind when starting out, but after Logic made the 1st building which is right next to the start I created a building on a 45 degree lean to get the impression that it was falling over. We both picked a place to start forging and then connected both ends together towards the end. I did the scripting, the roller coaster section with the buildings along the way all the way up to the landing of the lift, the starting area and the checkpoints. SomethingLogic14 did the double wide section of the track and did a fantastic job connecting both ends of the track as I couldn't connect the hybrid section. He also did the kill boundaries "HeHe". Anytime I can get out of doing the kill boundaries is a good day. He also came up with the name " Catastrophic City".

  • The 1st jump has the tendency to ride so far right that you hit the edge of the building; to fix this I added a gravity volume to push you back on track instead of moving over a whole building.
  • Right after the 1st building the track turns roller coaster after a banked turn; we were running low on the types of pieces that we wanted to use so brace larges were the best object of choice.
  • The vertical lifts are always painful to make consistent; this took lots of trial and error as you can imagine. The landing wasn't fun either.
  • Although the 2nd connection was done in a timely manner, Logic still didn't get it on the 1st try like I knew he wouldn't; the angle was so awkward, I think he got it in the 2nd or 3rd attempt.
  • The last trouble was where to put the starting place. We talked about putting it in a garage or something but didn't have enough budget to build it so I chose the area right after the 1st building that Logic created. There were several other possibilities, but this one seemed like the best option.

Color Scheme:

I chose the colors this time; Blue, Cyan, and Orange. We both colored the buildings different colors, I think we used all the colors including white. Logic also copied a building design of mine; the gold octagon shaped building is the one I created for the banked turn, then he did a green one and couldn't figure out how I did the top with the bridges, lol. So I did it...


Smooth Banked Waves
Scripted Events
Vertical Lift through a Building





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