H2A Caelum

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Team Slayer
  3. SWAT
When Forging this map I tried to keep three things in mind.
1. Constructs top level
3. Enabling teams with good communication to be able to control the map

Constructs top level can be described as a relatively circular area where players can walk around and occasionally shoot across the map from long sight lines, and I believe that Caelum can also have that very same description.
However there are of course differences between Caelum and the top level of Construct one of the main ones being grav lifts because there aren't any. Caelum has just one level.
When first spawning on Caelum you can look across and instantly shoot across at the enemy team.

So when starting a game on Caelum you have a couple of options, for instance the entire team apart from one player can shoot across at the enemy team while that one player goes around the cover and up ramp to pick up the brute shot then fires at the enemy team which then gets followed up by the rest of the team pushing forward towards the Sniper.

The image above is where the Brute shot spawns and is directly connected to the ramp you see in the left of the first picture. The call out for this part of the map is lookout.

As mentioned before there is a Sniper on this map and it is located in Hallway. (call out) The ledge that can be jumped to is Lookout but if you fall there is nothing there so you will die. At the end of Hallway you can see the next location I am going to discuss named Pillar.

Pillar is at the very end of the map where the neutral bomb and neutral flag will be placed (once compatible with the map) It has a BR on the back wall and is connected to my two next Locations Red and Blue Pillar.

Red and Blue Pillar (Open to suggestions as to new call out name) are the two back corners of the map which can be used to flank those in pillar or as an alternative escape route for those with flag or bomb. It also has a BR placed against the wall and to frags for those flanking pillar.

The next area is called Blue Carbine (which I'm sure you'll spend a good hour or two figuring out why) anyway it is a pretty high trafficked area with people going to and through it to get to places such as Blue/Red spawn, Hallway, Lookout, Blue/Red Pillar or my final area Teleporter.

Teleporter is the most controversial area with my map and so I saved it for last. the reason that it is so controversial is that it gives you a great vantage point over the whole map but just for 2 or 3 seconds so that you can call out enemies to your team mates or where the flag/bomb carrier is. And so you can see how important it is to hold down Lookout because it is the highest point on the map (apart from the Teleporter) and it has good sight lines over Hallway, Teleporter and Red/Blue Spawn. below is a picture of the view you get from Teleporter again you can only see that for a second or two and can get shot out of the sky if the opposing team has good enough aim.

Please provide feedback especially about Teleporter thanks.
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