What is BTB Heavies to You?


Jul 17, 2016
I am trying to gather some information and would like to hear some opinions on BTB Heavies. What exactly does it mean to you? I see the term get thrown around a lot but never really understood how it differentiates form regular BTB. Is it just Heavy Vehicles such as Tanks/Wraiths that make a Heavies game type? Or is it the amount of power weapons? Starting weapons? Are there specific design choices you would consider defines a BTB map a Heavies map? If I recall correctly, Halo 3 had a BTB Heavies variant or even playlist, does anyone remember what the difference was? I would love to hear some opinions, thanks in advance for your feedback.
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Round Objects™
Dec 23, 2012
Greater Seattle Area
I'll just drop this snippet from our private conversation here. I'd be interested to hear what others think as well.
I don't believe in an actual distinction between 'heavies' and regular BTB in the first place; maps have varying amounts of vehicles, weapons, etc. Some maps are larger and geared more towards heavy vehicles while others are not. I don't think breaking things down into subcategories is really necessary. If you want to make a large, vehicle-centric map with tanks, go ahead and make it however you see fit. I think that Dispelled already fits this niche quite well.

With that said, I would not recommend exceeding three weapon pads on a map due to the UI clutter it creates. For the playlist, we made an exception to this rule for one map to honor the author's vision, but this is not recommended.

So, hopefully that answers your question, even if it was likely not the answer you were looking for. The point here is that you should let a map sink or swim on its own merit; there's no preconceived definition of what makes something a 'heavies map' which you need adhere to. That's just my two-cents, though.
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