Map Preview Weevil 2.0


Oct 23, 2013
Brisbane QLD Australia
'Meet Your Maker'
Weevil 2.0
Designed and Built by Orzium

Hello Gentlemen , This is a preview of a map that I have been working on since the announcement of the 'Meet Your Maker '5v5 flag contest hosted by Halo Customs and Forgehub. Being an infection and 1v1 map forger, creating a 5v5 flag map was daunting however after watching several design videos and endless hours of forging different designs, Weevil will be the map I will be submitting.

Weevil is an inversely symmetrical 5v5 multi-flag map built on the skyward canvas. This design utilises both 'S' and 'Figure Eight' shaped design to help with travel distances. This design also merges both vehicle and infantry pathways together and the several ramps and drop off's help to add verticality to the gameplay for both infantry and vehicles.

This map is still a work in progress and if you have any feedback about the map based on the images below, let me know.
Good luck to the rest of the map submitters and may the best map win.