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Jan 10, 2013
The Union of Scree

Today during the Microsoft E3 briefing, Moon Studios showed off probably the most exciting title there: Ori and the Will of the Wisps. This is REALLY big news. Many fans, myself included, thought that the first game, Ori and the Blind Forest, was just a one-off indie game and Moon would go onto a different project entirely. But Moon Studios had a different idea.

"I'd love for us and Microsoft to do a little bit more with the IP" -Thomas Mahler, CEO of Moon Studios. 2015

And now they have. There isn't a release date for Ori and the Will of the Wisps yet but it's fairly safe to say that it will probably release either with the Xbox One X or in early 2018. If you haven't played Ori and the Blind Forest yet, the Definitive Edition is on sale for only $9.99 on Xbox and Windows 10 and I highly recommend picking it up.

Will of the Wisps

Now I talk about the exciting stuff. If you haven't played The Blind Forest yet, go play it and come back because there will be spoilers ahead. I have nothing concrete to go off of so this will all be speculation about what I think we can expect to find in Will of the Wisps.

In folk lore, will-'o-the-wisp is an evil spirit that draws travelers from the safe paths. The one thing I loved most about The Blind Forest was that the main villain wasn't evil: she had her motives and I empathized with her. The one thing that makes me nervous is that the title and imagery (the storm's approach and a graveyard so-to-speak) make it out that the forest of Nibel will be attacked by evil spirits or that evil spirits will try and lure Ori off of his path like they did with many others. But if the narrative is going in the direction I think it will go, then I can forgive it. And speaking of narrative, it appears Ori will be helping Kuro's last surviving child find her family at the edge of the forest of Nibel. We also got to see some scenes of new areas and maybe even a new character or two.

All in all we still don't know much about Ori and the Will of the Wisps but I'm very excited at what Moon Studios has shown so far.
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