Missing Features & Problems with Custom Games & Forge


Feb 2, 2013
This list is intended to be an organized list of issues that 343 can consider for implementation into Halo 5. Items are numbered to make it easier to reference a specific issue, not to indicate priority or rankings. If I am mistaken on any of these issues or if you have anything to add then please comment below and I’ll consider adjusting the post. I am not including issues if 343 has already confirmed that they are working on it (i.e. In-game file browser). Are any of these issues driving you crazy? Refer to it in your comment.

Hosting Lobbies:

  1. Problem = No cap on player count, but you can only start a game if you have 16 players or less (a hard player cap of 16 may be introduced to Halo 5 according to community cartographer Ducain23).
  2. Missing Feature = Maximum Player Count option (confirmed as highly unlikely for Halo 5).
  3. Missing Feature = Game Chat in the menu (confirmed as highly unlikely for Halo 5).
  4. Missing Feature = Option to Boot a player mid-game.
  5. Missing Feature = Option for Open Privacy (allowing Recent Players and Followers to join without an invite).
  6. Problem = The name of the previous game mode played will stick post-game for everyone but the host, so they cannot see the name of the next game mode selected until the game is started.
  7. Problem = Sometimes you need to select a game mode multiple times before it loads properly.


  1. Missing Feature = Objective aspects from H2A Infection such as Flight (bomb) and Havens (zones).
  2. Missing Feature = Number of Lives for Alpha Infected (before they become normal infected).
  3. Missing Feature = Number of Infected option used to include things like “All But 1” and “All But 3”, so that we could start the game with a specific number of Spartans as opposed to Infected.
  4. Problem = Invisible Blockers, Gameplay Shields, Cameras, and Scripts don’t give consideration to Teams for infection, only spawns do.

Ball Mode (Assault/Ricochet/Oddball):

  1. Missing Feature = Automatic Ball Pickup option.
  2. Missing Feature = Option to have more than 1 ball for Oddball (used to be able to have 3).
  3. Missing Feature = Option to play 1-sided Assault (1-bomb), and Team-based Assault (where you cannot pick-up the enemy ball).
  4. Problem = In games with multiple rounds the Ball often has spawning problems in subsequent rounds making it so that players cannot pick-up the ball.
  5. Missing Feature = We used to be able to set Initial Ball Physics to Fixed or Free. Always Fixed right now. Free would allow for it to drop/roll from its spawn point.
  6. Missing Feature = Option to play Free-For-All Oddball

Capture the Flag:

  1. Missing Feature = Option to play 1-sided CTF (1-flag).
  2. Missing Feature = Option to disable the flagnum for flag carrier.


  1. Problem = Missing a lot of features that King of the Hill had so it’s not an adequate substitute.
  2. Missing Feature = Option to play Free-For-All.
  3. Problem = Currently need a Stronghold Terminal to create a Stronghold, but sometimes we don’t want structure associated with the Stronghold.
  4. Problem = Cannot have more than 3 Strongholds on a map or the game will crash.
  5. Missing Feature = Cannot have alternating/moving strongholds (like Crazy King).

Game Mode Settings:

  1. Missing Feature = Additional options for Number of Lives (only 1 or unlimited now, used to have many options).
  2. Missing Feature = Option to set things like Damage, Jump Height, and Movement Speed to 0% (lowest option is currently 10%).
  3. Missing Feature = Vehicle Use options (currently only available in Infection with limited options).
  4. Missing Feature = Waypoint/Visibility/Navpoint options. For example, we used to be able to make it so that everyone on the map was visible via Navpoints.
  5. Problem = Player Traits have an impact on Carrier Traits. For example, if you enable Deathless in Player Traits and disable Deathless for Carrier Traits, then Carriers will still be Deathless.
  6. Missing Feature = Ability to select Random as a Starting Weapon. Currently this is only possible via Fiesta Slayer, which means you can’t have random weapons in Infection, Strongholds, CTF, and Breakout. If REQs ever come to custom games then you could have Random and Super Random as options to give consideration to REQS.
  7. Problem = If you die in a 1 life-per-round Free-For-All then you can’t spectate other players. This shouldn’t be enabled by default, but it would be nice to have an option to allow players who are out of lives to spectate the surviving players.


  1. Missing Feature = Option to make Gameplay Shields indestructible (would be nice for all destructibles).
  2. Missing Feature = Option to Start a New Round.
  3. Missing Feature = Option to set Editor/Player Traits (so we can enable Deathless for example).
  4. Problem = If a soccer ball rolls over a series of flat blocks/floors/grids then it acts like it hits a speed bump where each object meets (new bug with Memories of Reach).
  5. Missing Feature = Place at Start True/False (kind of possible with scripting but too difficult for most forgers)

File Browser:

  1. Problem = Currently allows players to View, Bookmark, and/or Steal unfinished maps. As forgers we need to have control over whether or not our map is available to the public like we had in all previous Halo games.
  2. Problem = In Halo 5 the closest thing we have to a File Share would be our Bookmarks. As a forger we want to promote our content and make it all easy to find/bookmark, so naturally we would add our content to our own Bookmarks. The problem is that content from other forgers that we bookmarked is all commingled with our content and makes it harder to find. This could be solved by adding a category called Shared Bookmarks. Shared Bookmarks would essentially be our File Share (visible to everyone), and regular Bookmarks would essentially be our Local Files (only visible to the player).
  3. Problem = When you are viewing someone’s bookmarks you can’t see the description (at least with Game Modes). I’ve noticed that if you bookmark one of the Game Modes, then you can see the descriptions for the rest of the Game Modes in their bookmarks.
  4. Problem = No way to categorize/tag content. I was never a big fan of tags, but it’d be nice if we could categorize our content as being for Core, Minigame, Race, Infection, and what not (like the maps section on ForgeHub).


  1. Problem = The Spartan Company tab on the Roster will only show players as being online if they are also your friend.