Map Preview Lizden

Jul 17, 2016
Lizden is a Retake on on an old my I did back in reach called Hijinx. In my retake I wanted to pull in some different things from older Halo tittles like halo2 and Ce.(not sure how that went yet.) I went with a Stone/Wood/Concrete Textures, trying to pull in a solid look. I wanted this map originally to be 2v2, how ever after 24hour reworking and a lot of Advil I managed to open up the map and improving flow. For weapons I went with more mid-long range weapons, as well as a choice of Auto's. Anyway ill give a quick "weapon preview" so to speak and the get with the pics.

Recon DMR x2
Storm Rifle x2
Lightrifle x2
Suppressor x2
Sniper(UNSC) x2
Carbine x2
H2 BR x2
SMG x2
Invis x1
Sword x1
Frags x4
Plasma's x6
Splinter's x6
On a side note there is 2 splinter turrets but there more for show.

^Top down angle.

Top Down angle from the other side.

Lower Hall.

Red Overlook. (same on blue side).

Blue Apartment(Again mirrored for red side).

And a side view of top center.
Now there is still a lot of work to be done but I wanted to put this out and see what people think. Any feed back is much appreciated as this has been a solo project for the last couple months. It's nothing special but its my baby. Please enjoy.
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